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Was that a rat jumping into a box under the counter? Maybe a kitten?


I think that was just a tiny pupper.


You scratched my anchor!


Hey, I was just on the Midway a couple of weeks ago. Seems like it’d be an easy thing to avoid running into.

But then, boats in San Diego seem to have a bad history of running into large, immovable objects.


I love it when the username corresponds to the posted gif.

I visited the Midway a couple of years ago. We took the train (the Surfliner) down from LA to tour it with the kids, and it was pretty great. Both taking the train and being on the Midway. We’d bought tickets that were to leave us off the train too far out, and the ticket-please dude was super cool about it. “Just stay on until the later stop. Don’t worry about it.”

And then on the Midway we got to talk to a guy who had served on the Midway, as he was volunteering at the museum that day. It was wonderful.

Oh. Boat gif:







Yeah, it’s a really great museum. It’s all self-guided, and they have little audio players you carry with you for the audio tours, which is all pilots and crewmembers talking about their experiences. Plenty of former crew on board as well. Plus, so many cool planes to ogle. We didn’t allow nearly enough time for it, and had to rush through.

San Diego is great. Loved Balboa Park and Coronado beach as well. Perfect weather. We’ll be heading back in a year or two.

Hah! I didn’t even notice. I’ve become immune to my user name.


Thankfully we’d planned the whole day around the museum. I freaking loved the audio tour, and the kids liked a lot of it, but…you know…attention spans. We stayed as long as we could. Then we went to a nearby park where they could play in the water, which they probably loved more. If you are at all interested in stuff like this, and you get to San Diego, definitely put aside some time for that museum. It’s exciting and moving.

Here’s a pic of my kid in the cockpit of one of the planes on a lower deck. This is one of my favorite pictures:

The San Diego Safari Park is also really cool. I’m not a huge zoo person–I’ve got weird views on that–but when you have kids, you kind of push those under the surface. And the San Diego Safari Park is really well run, with a great bird show. Our first time seeing a secretary bird, still one of my favorite animals. Seeing that bird in action really brought home the idea of birds as modern dinosaurs.

Okay. I’m going on and on. Here’s another boat related gif:







I really like him.





I just raked those!