The new animated GIFs thread that is ONLY posts with animated GIFs in them!









Had some connectivity issues earlier and saw this kind of awesome animation in Steam when trying to connect to chat.




TranquilityBase perverting everything.



Why? It’s just cats playing with a…



Cat on top: Wait. Hold on… This smells like…


I don’t know what you guys are going on about. It’s just a humble dent remover.


“I’m really looking forward to Diablo Immortal.”



Where is this? I have a desktop picture of an area that looks very similar, and I always wanted to know where it was from.



It’s in China, of course: one the lands of ruining beautiful natural sites!


It’s the Bailong Elevator in Zhangjiajie National Park. The gif is sped up though, so it doesn’t actually go that fast.


My son’s baseball gabe last week. Background: baseball at the 8-9 year old level is a different game than that played in high school and above. Pitching is erratic and kids walk more often than they hit or strike out. Most runs are scored by stealing, so being aware of the field status and where the ball is, is more important than being a good batter. So, at the game, runner on 2nd goes to steal 3rd on a fielding error, he gets to 3rd, but doesn’t notice that another fielding error has the catcher scrambling for the ball at home, so the 3rd base coach yells at him to steal home and, in his exuberance, gives him a light shove in that direction. The poor kid falls over, so the 3rd base coach picks him up off the ground and tries to carry him toward home. Kid’s out, of course, and the game ends, but I didn’t stop laughing at the shenanigans for several minutes