The new animated GIFs thread that is ONLY posts with animated GIFs in them!


I’m using Lensdump as my image host, not Tenor. Are you saying they aren’t showing up?


Oh no, they’re showing up just fine, but it’s getting harder to find good gifs that don’t use Tenor in the wild.


MICLIC - MIne Clearing LIne Charge
Combat engineers use them to cut lanes through minefields.






I think mostly to avoid having to do this


I’m sorry, what, people REMOVE the snow? Around here the city just shoves it back into your driveway.


Every goddamn time. Spend the morning digging out the driveway. Two mountains of snow on each side, but it’s clear. Bam, plow comes and it’s back to square one. Only with packed ice instead of snow.


What? You live in Florida! Are you sure that’s snow you’re shoveling?



Dudedudedude, I lived in New York most of my life. I remember things.








That John Cena gif was on the verge of Gary Cole like you’ve never seen him before.





Fish seems to be having some trouble adjusting to his new firmware upgrade.