The new animated GIFs thread that is ONLY posts with animated GIFs in them!


Another great gif. Looks like two people know it. I’m really surprised and wish I could post something cooler, but I love T.C. so I’ll post him.



Also I cannot resist:




I loved T.C. because I wanted his helicopter.


My love of helicopters started from

I used to spend days trying to make Lego versions


Magnum P.I. was the bomb. I used to sit around and watch TV with my Mom when I was a youngun and between Golden Girls, Designing Women, Matlock, and Magnum P.I., Magnum P.I. was the coolest. :)


Okay. Uh. What is that animation of Magnum stuff? What is that? It’s such a joy to hear that theme song again–Magnum P.I. made Thursday nights for me as a kid, along with Simon and Simon–but I don’t understand what that animation is.

Is it from that show Archer? Or is it riffing on it? What is going on?





You are now the person who has convinced me that I have to watch Archer. Congratulations.

In other news…I have to watch a new television series. Dang it.



This has also reminded me that I’m a couple of seasons BEHIND on Archer and really should get caught up.


Like most of my favorite comedies, it took a little while for it to get good, so don’t give up after 2 episodes or whatever. I mean, for Parks and Rec and The Office it took getting into the second season to really come to love it, and I think it took a while for me to do the same with Archer. It’s sophomoric as shit though, so keep that in mind. :)


I had to get to season 4 of Parks and Rec until it took, and that happened because my son’s soccer coach was the production designer on the show and I saw it was free to view on a plane and I wanted to see his name. I laughed so loudly that I got shushed. So I totally get that.

Now I watch Parks and Rec over and over, and my son is a huge fan of the show too. And of The Office. I feel a little guilty about that, but it’s good stuff.



Yeah, it took a few shows to grow on me. But, H. Jon Benjamin.



I was going to say Magnum PI but I didn’t have access to gifs earlier. That’s when Thomas is stranded in the ocean and has to swim or drown.

And, oh, yeah, gif


I’m, uh, not sure if there are rules here, but I just rewatched The Bronze, and this is fantastic:


The rules are that if you post here you have to post a gif. Otherwise you get Rubin-ed. So…well done!


“There are rules for policemen.”


Bruce’s, um, yanking, and the “Rubin”/Reubens connection make me uncomfortable, Dingus.


Speaking of yanking…