The new animated GIFs thread that is ONLY posts with animated GIFs in them!


Magnum PI had one of the catchiest rockin theme intros ever. I pity millennials and whatever the ones after them are called for having not grown up with TV theme show songs. Instead they get PewDiePie.





I just love this bit from the new trailer, and had to make a GIFV out of it.


Run for your freedom, l’il bike!


…of which game?

EDIT: Ooops!

Here’s my gif!


Here it comes…

Edit: awww, now that you fixed it we can’t see the reaction from people! :)



Sorry, my bad, I don’t know why I assumed everyone would be equally as excited about it as me!

Horizon Zero Dawn - drops on PS4 2/28. Here is the full trailer I pulled that gifv from.


I’ve always been amazed by motorcycles that just keep going without riders. An example of gyroscopic action, I guess. If I’m completely wrong, well then, I’ll let myself out.



God I love Zootopia (or ‘Zootropolis’ as they called it over here. WHY WHY I DON’T KNOW ARGH)


Watched Ernest & Celestine last night and it was just so sweet, beautiful and brilliant.


That’s a beautiful gif. I’m hoping to catch that movie at some point.



“Poor, poor mister Quick.”