The new Battlestar Galactica


runs away

Immediate thread hijack

The Gary Whitta? Why that takes me back to my childhood, wandering down to the newsagents to complain about the late delivery of the new issue of ACE…

Used to enjoy your work, BTW.

ACE was late to the newsagents? I can’t possibly imagine why that would have been.


Who knows? It could be good. It almost certainly won’t be as awful as the original series. That would take some real doing.

I loved Battlestar Galactica as a kid, which I guess just goes to show that kids have zero taste. I rewatched the original movie a year or two ago and was stunned by how embarassingly bad it was. Now I’m afraid to check out other childhood favorites. Was Buck Rogers awful, too? Say it ain’t so!

I do appreciate the irony of the press release on that site, though:

“Our goal is nothing less than the reinvention of the science-fiction television series.”

Big words from a network that just cancelled Farscape.

…by your command…

Farscape sucked ass. Battlestar was pure genius compared to Farscape.

Incidentally, I have seen 3 or 9 minutes of 2 to 7 episodes of Farscape (which sucks) so I consider myself to be an expert.

Personally, as a huge BG fan, I’m not too thrilled with this “reimagining” or whatever the heck they’re calling it. Edward James Olmos as Adama?? A FEMALE STARBUCK?! WHAT? My expectations reside right next to the “big steaming pile” section of the expectations-o-meter.

My goal is to reinvent things also, resurrecting old franchises to do it.

Actually, me bringing up ACE in a thread about Battlestar Galactica reminds me of something, young Mr. Whitta.

When Epic was reviewed about, oh, what seems like a year before it actually came out, with consequent revelations that it was not very good, what actually was the review based on?

More just idle curiosity at the chance to fill in one of those childhood mysteries than anything nasty or pointed, I assure you.

ahh, rememeber Twiggy? R2D2 ripoff, he was so cute! And then the dancing with the hoola hoops? And the helmets shaped like a Pharoah?Man that show was so stupid and I was six years old!


My memory is going fast enough without you messing with it. Wasn’t Twiggy in that even-more-awful-than-BG Buck Rogers series?

He’s thinking of this perhaps?

The fashion model? Or perhaps you are thinking of Twiki?

Don’t let Sparky hear you with that crazy talk.

To reiterate:



oh yeah, im sorry i got mixed up between Buck Rodgers and Battlestar Galactica. Forgot which one… hmmm

Ah well, maybe itll be good!


Considering how Sci-fi recently butchered Riverworld… I have no hope.

How they could do so well with one property (Children of Dune) and totally screw up another in the same year is beyond me, but they always seem to find a way.

— Alan

As long as they do not replace “Felgercarp” and do bring a cigar chomping Dirk Benedict back and call him Faceman2000 in this iteration, I will be happy.

Farscape is probably the only tv-show I’ve seen that has made me feel like a complete fool. I was seeing it with a friend who had previously seen it.
In a previous episode, the least trustworthy character had been given the task to shoot someone, an event which we never actually get to see in the episode, just hear the shots.

Then, a few episodes later, it starts with a flashback to where this untrustworthy character makes a deal with the person he’s supposed to shoot.
Me: Oh, like I couldn’t see that one coming…
Then, the character looks straight into the camera and says, “Is that REALLY what you think happened???”, and the scene switches to a conversation between him and the main character.
Me: Damn.
Friend: Laughter for two minutes straight.

Faceman2000…hahahahahah…[falls off chair]…hahahaha

I don’t know what is worse, a female Starbuck,or a whole generation being unable to think of anything but coffee when hearing his name.

Boy, I feel old…