The New Better Last Gen Poll!

Lets try this one more time…

I put in my PS2, as, while it didn’t die as 360s die, it did come to a point where it simply wouldn’t read any of my discs. Sent it in to Sony for it to be refurbished.

That PS2 lasted from release day to about 2005, I believe. Current one still going strong.

I also own all the other systems listed, aside from the PS2 Slim, and they all function fine, except for the XBox who’s CMOS battery seems to be a little fucked, as it likes to not keep my date and time.

When I made the first poll, I forgot that I had to buy a new dvd drive for my xbox off ebay as my Thompson drive bit it after about 2 years.

Went through 3(THREE!) borked PS2’s last gen. My 360 still has catching up to do(only 1 bricked system so far). I went through two PS1’s in that era as well.

My launch-grade Xbox kept chugging away to the day I sold it on Ebay for a 360 just over a year ago. It was starting to emit signs of age though, dirty disk errors abound, but games still ran without a hitch for the most part 5+ years later of heavy use. Most every friend of mine that owned an Xbox had one break down during it’s term though. I just lucked out barely.

I don’t think kryptonite could harm a Gamecube.

I had two PS2’s die on me - both the original model, which was a horrible piece of shit. Cheapest, most easily broken console I’ve ever had. In one of them, I unlpugged the component jack for packing, and it ripped out the port itself. In another, discs began taking longer, and longer, and longer to read, until eventually it wouldn’t read things at all. Sony refused to do anything but sell me a new one, on both occasions.

Contrariwise, I’ve had the same xbox from launch until now, and I’ve never had a single problem with it. Hopefully, it will keep chugging away, since I keep it for playing Steel Battalion on sundays, but I’d be hard pressed to justify replacing it for a single game.

Really? Sony was quite cordial about refurbishing my first broken system. Took about two weeks for them to send me a working unit back at no charge aside from shipping costs.

When that fizzled out I just said “screw it all” and bought a brand new one off the store shelf. By then they were getting pretty cheap anyway.

Never did get a slim model. They do look pretty sexy though.

Well, in the end it worked out fine, since I have a slimline model now that appears to be essentially invulnerable.

My release day PS2 still runs like a champ although it has been relegated to a DVD player.

Huh. My release-day PS2 (or at least I was told it was part of the initial USA launch - the model #30001) died after about a year. It ran fine for a while, started having problems reading discs, then eventually it just stopped reading anything. Whereas my newer model PS2 (#50001) has run flawlessly for me… going on four years now.

Same thing with the XBox, although I never paid attention to the model numbers. The first one died within a year after gradually getting worse and worse. The second one has lasted for several years and given me no issues.

I had to ditch my old-model PS2 for a slim, then had to replace that thing about three times. The first one wouldn’t read CD-format games (blue discs); the second stopped reading things at all (within 90 days), and the third didn’t survive shipping across the US, even though I shipped it pretty well.

Since there’s exactly one thing that kryptonite is harmful to, this statement falls well into “damning with faint praise” territory.

I don’t think any console I’ve ever owned has died on me - knock on wood - but a few have gone flaky: I swiped a DVD drive to replace the shitty Thomson in my Xbox; and the last time I used it, my Dreamcast had trouble reading a couple of discs.

Picked up a PS2 about 6 months after launch.

PS2 lost rumble capabilty in wire based controllers shortly (like 2-3 weeks) after it was unpacked. Wireless controllers still have rumble abilty but suck batteries dry fairly fast.

Never sent it back. Still works, although I often have to reset it several times due to “Disc read error”. Once the disc is read though there are no problems.

I had an Xbox Thompson drive replaced. My refurbished PS2 had an issue with loading CD based games but there’s a tape trick that let me play without having to return it.

Well, if you throw a rock at most consoles, it damages them pretty good.

Never had a console die on me.

Well…my Xbox has power problems. Sometimes the power cable doesn’t connect properly or something. It’s very hit or miss. But I wouldn’t call it dead.

I think they got it right with the slim. Mine’s going on 3 years with no problems.

I bought a used Xbox from Gamestop (I was young and foolish) not long after Live launched, and it is still going strong.

I bought my PS2 new in the GT3 bundle and it ran flawlessly until I sold it around the 360 launch. According to the dude who bought it, it still runs fine.

The only console I’ve ever had die on me was an Atari 2600. And I’d just gotten Crystal Castles for my birthday! MotherFUCKER!

Conturbulated Xbox and Xbox 360 into one entry.
FAIL! I had a first gen Xbox that had a bum DVD drive. Also had a first gen PS2 that overheated, but to be fair I left on forever in lieu of saving games.

What’s conturbulate? Anyway, I thought the point of this poll was last gen, hence absence of 360.

I also have had 2 dead nintendo DS: one lite one regular.