The New Bioware Game

I heard the studio it’s making it have a good amount of ex-Raven staff. Maybe it’s true that is a multiplayer fps/tps in ME setting. Think how the Jedi Knights were already fps/tps + powers (Force == Biotics).

And in the end, think how if they are going to make a action multiplayer game, it’s better in another game than in ME3.

Naeblis makes a good point. Better this than tacking on MP to Mass Effect 3, assuming the rumors are true.

It’s Alliance Corsair. The battles are pretty realistic, but it’s still fun.

As long as we’re playing the wish-fulfillment game: Bioware decides it wants some of that sweet sweet Borderlands pie and makes a coop FPS-RPG.

Yeah a borderlands style game that is actually good would be nice.

Terra Nova was Looking Glass (though I would love to see this). What I would love to see is a sequel to Shattered Steel.

I would love to see this as well.

I see what you did there.

Ugh . . . don’t see how you could preserve the important part of ME, that is, making (obvious) moral decisions. Well, I do, I just don’t think Bioware would have any part of it.

I’m with Dean on this one, probably a MMO planet scanning sim.

I’ve not played either of the ME games. Is planet scanning a big part of the game, like it was in the Starflight games?

So who’s jumping on the grenade and waching the VGA awards so they can report back?

Holy crap! I am writing that one down.

In the second, yes to a holy ass fault. The first had the ability to land on planets and scout around on a moon rover thing. Most people liked doing away with the moon rover thing in ME1 but hated the planet scanning in ME2. I guess Bioware is still looking for a more acceptably decent solution to this (I thought ME 1’s moon rover thing was fun myself).

It was a mini-game in ME2 that granted you resources necessary to buy upgrades and/or quests. To describe the gameplay best: imagine vacuuming your home . . . then everyone else’s.

Agreed. But I don’t think Bioware can pull it off, not unless EA lets them borrow the Battlefield multiplayer team.

Dunno what you’re complaining about, Borderlands is great!

…on a LAN.

For me the main problem was a lack of incentive to roam around: seen one barren airless rock, seen `em all. Sure, maybe you’d find random mineral deposits, but it’s not like resources were ever really an issue in ME1. So most of the time you’re just making a beeline for the major points of interest on your scanner (which usually weren’t that interesting) then recall back to the Normandy - rinse, repeat. After a while, it felt like busywork; unfortunately, ME2’s planetary scanning is even more busywork-like. In hindsight, I think I would’ve preferred fewer planets to explore, but more stuff to do and more interesting terrain to see on each one.

Pretty much anything that is more Mass Effect will make me happy.

I definitely agree with everything you said. I think when I was out in the moon buggy, I flashed back to old CRPGs from the 80s where you filled in a lot of the moment to moment details in your head (like I did with Ultima 5 to make the world feel like so much more than just the simplistic graphics). So my moon buggy experience is probably a little unique. I think the answer is what you said, fewer planets, more content.

And Borderlands was also great on consoles even without a LAN. I honestly wouldn’t mind a Borderlands-like Mass Effect game, I just wouldn’t want it to either take place on just one planet or span the whole galaxy. If they just focused on a system or something, that could be interesting.

Also imagine vacuuming Uranus.

[EDIT] The joke: picture every Mass Effect plot decision story you’ve heard 8 million times, and apply it to team deathmatch.