The new Dell 27" monitors

Where are they?!


The new 30" monitors are out, but they’re two effing grand. Great improvement from the last 30" model, though, which only had DVI, cuz this one has everything.

I’m hoping the new 27" displays will start at a reasonable price, but even if they don’t, I want them released immediately, so that maybe I can get an old model for cheaper.

Has anyone tried the Gateway 30"?

Hey, not to threadjack but… any idea why there is such a massive gulf in pricing between 22" and 24" monitors? I’ve been looking and you can end up paying a couple hundred bucks more for those two extra inches. What gives?

I dunno but I have been loving my 37" that I paid $1200 for two years now!

Meh, I can’t go that big, and that’s a TV.

The complaint about price leaps for a small increase in size is true, and I don’t see a rational basis for it. Oh well.

So! Anyone getting the new Dell 30" or tried the Gateway 30"? Both of those make last year’s Dell 30" look like a serious joke.

Homemaker Betty, when is the new Dell 27" coming?

Yeah its a TV with an awesome resolution. Seriously when you really start to get down to it the higher resolutions start to really tax the video card.

The new Dell and Gateway have video processors, though, and they’re supposed to scale well, and the TVs I’ve seen around 30" are all 1366x768. I don’t want a TV.

Loyd Case! Jason Cross! Other tech gods! Hear my prayer! When will the new 27" from Dell come out? And will it be awesome?

I have a Dell 2707WFP. I really, really like it a lot. I’ve had no problems with it, and use it for both computing and my XBox 360.

There is this hot new resolution that is 1900 that you are clearly missing out on.

1920x1080. I get mine tuesday. Thanks for the picture of your computer desk Marcus. It convinced me that 37" is not too big for a viewing distance of 2.5 feet.

The difference between my 1920x1200 24" and the new 2560*1600 30" isn’t worth $2000 + brand new SLI video cards, but the jump to 37" seems to totally be worth $800.

Seems completely unbelievable to me. Can we see the desk pic?


When are LED screens going to happen on the desktop? Some laptops (the 15.4 MBPs) have had LED screens for over 6 months now.

I’ve thought about a Westy or some such for computer usage. While I’d be more than fine gaming in 1920-1080 on it, the desktop resolution would seem pretty stifling on such a big screen.

Well, stifling may be an exaggeration, but I’ve got 24" and 27" LCD’s now, and the 1920x1200 on the 27" is a bit frustrating.

Here it is…

Jesus. How much do cops get paid there?

I bought all that before I got on the job :) and it wasn’t that expensive.

I presume it’s in large part because you’re usually going from 1680x1050 on 22" monitors to 1920x1200 on 24"+ monitors; that’s about ~30% more pixels.

Not to threadjack your threadjack, but are there any really great bargains among 1920x1200 monitors bigger than 24 inches? The best I can find are a 26" Acer and a 28" Viewsonic. Wondering if anyone here has used them or has other suggestions.

There’s a 3ms 28" Hanns-G on Newegg that runs around $550.

Best Buy has it for the same price on sale this week, in case someone has a BB close by and doesn’t want to mail order.

I think BB is a better deal if Newegg is charging for shipping on it. You get it right away and you save $21.

Only get that if you value large size over decent image quality. I saw that monitor in the store and can’t stress how much light bleed it has and how poor the constrast is. Might be ok for gaming but not for much else.