The New E3... Turning Gaming Into Even More of a Boys Club?

Someone didn’t watch the Nintendo press conference.

Probably not very. Myself and others have kicked around the “man this should go to Vegas” thing for easily 5 or 6 years. It comes up every year, and it never goes there.

I think the current size would fit nicely in the Sands, rather than the LVCC. Put it there with a modest show floor like the one they had in Barker Hangar now, divide up larger conference rooms in the Sands convention center for publisher press conferences and large meeting spaces. And you can have the individual meeting rooms in suites in the hotel that’s attached right to the expo center.

Keep it all right there in once place. Plus, there are a jillion flights in and out of Vegas just like LA, and 80,000 vacant hotel rooms ready to be filled without ridiculous rates that are all within short easy travel to the convention.

…oh, fuck that noise.

Vegas is where hope and light go to die.

oh I watched…and rewound and slo-mo’d

Overall I thought the event was really good, aside from the complaints that others have already expressed – the hangar sucked, and the hotels were way too spread out to make the convenient. Santa Monica was a great venue, though… I mean, if you have to spend a big chunk of your day walking, it might as well be there.

Most of the feedback I got from PR folk was that they liked this show better than the traditional E3. And while getting around was a pain, if we could just center everything around the 6-7 hotels at Pico / Ocean – and drop Barker Hangar altogether – I’d be all for it.

Agreed on the Pico/Ocean tip. The Fairmont was a major part of my transportation gripe, as my other apps were at Casa Del Mar, Shutters, Le Merigot, Viceroy, Loews, Hotel California, etc. All on one side of Santa Monica. But no, a bunch of people were also at the Fairmont and ruined the Pico/Ocean run.

It also helps that people have a better idea of the layout now – it’d be pretty easy to schedule your day around each hotel… one day at the Loews, a half-day at Shutters, half-day at Merigot, etc.

They should move it to SF or Austin, imo. Either one (especially SF) would be a much better place, and get it the hell out of LA.

The advantage of Vegas is that even if the publishers are all showing in their own hotels, the hotels are all walking distance from one another. It’s really a nice setup. They also have tons of convention space there, though I have no idea how booked up it is. Finally, for whatever reason E3 is in LA, Vegas is just a short trip from LA, so it’s still pretty convenient even to the LA natives.

Vegas would be fantastic.

I much preferred the two E3s in Atlanta to any of the 8 I went to in LA. I’m all for a smaller, more connected show – the LA shows were just absorbed by the town.

I’m going to miss all the booth babes.

There’s nothing sweeter for the former high school nerd than to see the chick who wouldn’t go out with you dancing in a cage above the booth of some no name shooter.

Which reminds me, I’ve misplaced my ear medicine again…