The new Guardian website

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I’m late for this one obviously. But just for the record i hate it, it’s that ffingh…gard, darn ffiinnn Windows Meteo poo! As is ALL THE RAGE in nerd web designdom these days apparently. Has no one told the nerds we all HATE meteo, even MS gives a fix to make it GO AWAY!

It’s like this hard core, influential group of GUI design geeks are determined to get me to quit the internet and computers FOREVER, or something. It’s foobar, it sucks balls and i’ve sent a complaining email to the guardian about it. I feel i might as well read The Sun as visit that braindead of a new website design, it makes me feel that dumb just looking at it (and wondering why the ‘science’ tab is all the way at the bottom somewhere). 1/10 - it gets 1 for still doing ok content (for free).

I’m so disgusted i can’t even dare give a link for all the IQ damage people will suffer. I might even have to stop linking to the site and just copy/paste text. Did i say i hate it?

Edit: sorry for my language! fixedish.

Yeah. . . the uni I work for has just redone all their websites (including–at significant cost to us–ours) to the awful “flat bars of bright colors with giant white text, super-saturated images, and no useful content anywhere” style that’s in style these days. Our applicant numbers to the program I work for tanked this year, and I’m going to (angrily, ineffectually) choose to blame that on the new, unnavigable website we’re saddled with.

If you think that’s bad, check out the redesigned Bloomberg website, bearing in mind that it’s ostensibly aimed at businessmen and people in finance.

God! That is bad. It’s like a Fisher-Price version of Bloomberg. This Metro effect is a f…in disease of designers minds! Please stop for the love of design sanity. Or not, that type of design just leads to less use i suspect, so maybe it will weed itself out as the economics of it kick in?

GAH! My eyes! When Boehner’s face looks pale and colorless on a site, there’s something wrong.

I’m not a fan of these designs, myself. They use a tile based organizational structure so the layout can be easily re-flowed for various screen sizes since so much of the market for the web is a grab bag of various devices including phones and tablets. Except the tiles end up with so little content in them they may as well just replace it all with a list of headlines. These sites all remind me of the bulletin board in the staff breakroom. Doesn’t help that these redesigns tend to go hand in hand with tossing out chronological content ordering in favor of what’s “trending”, photo/video media stuff less likely to aggregate off-site, and cramming as much as possible on one screen so the user never leaves the page and gets distracted while something is loading. I guess that’s the goal of the job, but it doesn’t make it easy to simply read the recent headlines in the World section.

I’m fine with flat ui design, but a child must have picked out Bloomberg’s color palette - even tinting images pink/purple above the fold, really?

I don’t care one way or the other about the tiles, but this aggravates me to no end. I hate the move away from chronological order to trending topics.

To be fair, their old website had both of those. And it was fine.

We are now all forced to be children with our toys!

It pisses me off quite a bit, enough to stop using some software that follows this same Metro trend thing.