The New Iran Treaty


The likely scenario is that Iran keeps the deal it has with the European Nations and paints the US as a bully, uniting them against us and making the US have to try and strong arm Europe to put sanctions back in place.

And yeah the damage to the US diplomacy will take decades to recover.


We actually tried this previously and it failed.


Also, keep in mind that Boeing’s recent $20million deal with Iran is probably kaput now.


It’ll be fun watching Trump and Netanyahu try to convince Europe to join them for the upcoming bombing and invasion.




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There’s the upside of appealing to his base. It was something Obama did, ergo it was bad and had to be undone.

There’s the upside of appealing to his own wounded ego. One more chance to stick it to the guy who razzed him at the Correspondent’s Dinner.

There’s the upside of having John Bolton tell him what a strong leader he is.

Oh, you mean policy upside?


Deep State Radio did a good episode on the consequences of the US pulling out:

This episode was recorded a month ago but it was done on the premise that the hiring of Bolton meant the Iran deal was done.


That’s nice and all, the thinking that Europe is going to keep the treaty on, but what happens when Trump makes it Deal with Iran or deal with the USA? Which I’m sure he’ll do.


As much as Macron is trying to chum-it-up with Shitgibbon like Tony Blair did with W, there’s absolutely no way he follows Trump into a war. Tony Blair, and Labour, have never recovered from Iraq


Right, so let’s pretend:

Trump: Hey UN, you have to join me in bombing Iran because yellow cake and nukes and stuff. Here’s Colin Powell with photos. Oh wait, no, here’s some other idiot, but same idea, right? You get it.
UN: Nah, you got this. We’re good.
TRUMP: Well then I’ll just pull out of the UN, jerks!
PUTIN: Excellent…All is proceeding exactly as I have foreseen it.


To be fair, Tony Blair was for toppling Saddam by military intervention before Bush was. It may or may not have been a mistake but Blair was aligned with Bush on the war, although they both came to the conclusion for rather different reasons.


Christ, would that have the Trumperinos salivating with joy.


How could our State Department and career diplomats let this happen?

Oh, that’s right.


Obama’s take:


Could it be true?
Iran pledges commitment to nuclear accord even if US withdraws


I miss Obama. Or just competency in general, really. I mean foreign policy was Obama’s weakest area in my opinion, but it’s light-years better than whatever it is we have now.


This is what bothers me the most (and there’s a lot to be bothered by).

We gain literally NOTHING by this move. We can only lose.

Let’s say someone does have smoking gun evidence that Iran is working on a nuke.

  • If you’re someone who wants to leverage a “better deal,” you present the evidence, rattle your saber, and get your pound of flesh.
  • If you’re someone who wants to go to war with Iran, you present the evidence, rattle your saber, and get your allies on board.
  • If you’re someone who wants Iran to stop, you present your evidence and enact the proscribed sanctions.

In none of the above scenarios is the proper move, “We’re backing out of the agreement.” Doing that simply removes tools from your toolkit.


Let’s see this bulletproof Israeli intelligence brief. We don’t need sources, but if POTUS refers to it on national TV with the a change of policy announcement, let’s see this proof in brief form. Release the memo!


Well, to be fair, that’s one of the administrations complaints, that it doesn’t prevent that, but I agree

Ah, is that what he was referring to? Why did I think they’d stopped sharing intel with us? Of course, it could have come directly from Netanyahu.