The New Iran Treaty


It’s a huge victory for the Islamic hardliners in Iran. Never work with America they argued. They were right.

I’m thinking Iran will keep the deal with the rest of Europe, forcing the US and EU into conflict over sanctions. That’s great for Russia too.

If on the other hand Iran wants to rebuild a nuclear weapons program… we sure lost rep with allies. Iran can honestly say that the USA violated the deal so why shouldn’t they build them? Some allies we might have got on board if instead Iran had violated the deal would probably be like… isn’t that a good point? What right do you have to stop them now?



How “lucky” for them.



Is this not in response to Israeli attacks on Iranian positions?


Oh, I’m sure the Israelis will find some way to provoke the Iranian-aligned militias in the Levant to lob something at them, so they can point a finger and say, “See? Iran is a threat to Israel!” and then blow the hell out of three dudes in a pickup truck.

At this point it’s pretty clear the current Israeli government has zero interest in anything but perpetuating a state of crisis all around Israel so that they can avoid actually having to either do anything substantive, and avoid prosecution for all the corruption they’re being investigated for.


It looks like Netanyahu wanted to make sure that Russia was cool with blowing up Iranians in the Levant. He even watched the great military parade in Moscow two spots away from Putin himself.


Back in the Cold War days, the commies used to growl about the “international gangsterism” of the running dog capitalists. Well, as awful as those Red regimes were, their propaganda has actually proved to be accurate. In today’s post-USSR world, everything IS being run by literal capitalist gangsters. Netanyahu is fast becoming something out of McMafia.


They aren’t really “capitalists”. They’re just criminals. “Stealing money from everyone through thuggery” isn’t capitalism.


Well, true enough, though the days of John Stuart Mill or even Adam Smith seem well behind us. I’d argue that by modern standards, kleptocracy is what capitalism has become.

You could definitely make a good argument for a return to ‘capitalism with a human face,’ as for instance Mill advocated. Hell, even Ricardo was more compassionate and reasonable than today’s neo-robber barons.


There’s a critical difference between being indifferent to others, and actually being a criminal.

The oligarchs in Russia sit atop a criminal enterprise. They do not follow rules and laws.


Legally, yes. Morally? Depends.


It’s the difference between lawful and chaotic evil.



Is that not exactly what Trump wants? for Europe to not rely on the US for protection?


Nope, he wants Europe to buy weapons from him


So you’re saying Trump and Putin’s interests are aligned? Golly. You’ve really busted that wide open there.


I think you misunderstand those terms. Nazis were as lawful evil as one can get.


Thanks for the snark - i appreciate it.

I was just musing that for 2 years we’ve got to hear about Trump complain about NATO and Europe paying their own way… and in the end he is going to get what he wants.

Wasn’t trying to offer any earth-shattering analysis.


But we’re not talking about nazis here. We’re talking about the corrupt oligarchy of Russia.