The New Kindle Oasis - The waterproof kindle is finally real

7-inch 300dpi screen
8GB or 32GB storage
IPX8 rated waterproof
Bluetooth, but no headphone jack

What does that mean? Can I read it underwater?

Seems to mean submerged to a depth of 2 meters for 60 minutes.

Goggles and snorkel not included.

$250 is still a hefty price for an E-Reader but at least it’s lower than it used to be. I did just pick up a paperwhite though because they were $30 off, and Amazon gave me $70 for signing up for a credit card. It was a good upgrade from my old (and failing) nook but it even that was on the high end if I didn’t have the $70 free.

I’ve been using an original Paperwhite for years, every day, and loving it, even though it’s poky and not exactly super bright. I’ve held off upgrading because, really, nothing yet seemed like enough of an actual upgrade for what I do, and also because I love form factor and case of the one I have. It’s so portable and durable. This new one looks like a good upgrade in terms of screen and performance, but I wonder if it will be as convenient. It seems more tablet like in size.

Nah, it’s only an inch bigger than the current Oasis, and that one is tiny. The Oasis has so little bezel around the screen that it probably won’t feel bigger than your Paperwhite, Bob.

I have the Oasis and love it. I’d kind of like the bigger screen, but the amount of time I spend reading at the pool or on the beach is so miniscule that the waterproofing doesn’t really matter to me. And I like the way the included cover forms a book shape (makes it easier to hold) and with this one, I’d have to buy the extra-cost optional cover to get that functionality.

So, might be the first time I don’t upgrade a Kindle. I always have, on the basis of the amortized cost being TINY given how much I use the thing (almost every night). But not sure an extra inch of screen is worth about $300 end cost.

What I need is a Kindle with a big storage capacity so I can actually put more than a few media-rich textbooks on it. And the capability to read more esoteric textbook formats like .djvu.

I just want actual fucking hardware buttons again at a sane price. and $250 is not that.

I would never, ever use the Kindle I have for anything other than text-only fiction, because, jeez, the screen blows for everything besides text. Do newer Kindles actually display non-text stuff like maps or pics any better?

Hoping it also keeps the wifi/3g connectivity - one of the most incredibly useful bits about my current Kindle 3g that I’ve had for 7+ years now.

I’ve got a Voyage as well as sometimes reading using the Kindle app on an iPad Pro. As far as I can tell the problem with images on the Kindle is the resolution that the images are stored in in the actual files suck. Not sure if there’s a limitation on the file format Kindle uses, or just everyone always just uses crappy resolution when publishing Amazon ebooks, but I agree with you. My experience is that anything other than text sucks.

Serious question cause I was talking to a coworker about this today since I had the option for the $30 premium for 3g on my paperwhite. Are you really away from Wifi that often right when you need a new book?

If it had an RSS reader built in (I was surprised to see my paperwhite doesn’t) I can maybe see it but the times I’m without Wifi and the times I finished a book and need to download a new one don’t really overlap much.

I’ve used Kindle books with images on the Kindle app on iPad and the images are great there (particularly magazines but also cookbooks etc). I think it’s either the format used on actual Kindles or some rendering setting/limitation somewhere in the hardware.

I literally never had this happen so I’ve not bothered with the 3G past my first Kindle.

Same here. I have never missed 3G at all. If I am so desperate for a book, I’ll go somewhere with WiFi when I’m traveling. But I have a backlog on Kindle that rivals my Steam backlog.

I originally thought it might be a nice alternative to browsing on cellphone but it turned out the experimental browser was terrible and I’m not sure they even offer one anymore.

That’s the thing. I have so many unread books on my Kindle I would never be without something to read. I don’t see a need for 3G.

I am feeling some slight stirrings of techno lust for the new Oasis. I thought I was beyond that, but my Paperwhite gives me quite a bit of pleasure so a new, better Kindle has some appeal.

Then I think about the price and I’m nah, not yet. If they drop it to $149 for a Black Friday sale I might buy one, but I doubt they will do that. I’m thinking we might see it for $199 during Black Friday.

One of the first things I did was load Chrome onto my Kindle.

I hate the hybrid battery case thing on the existing oasis. This would be worth it just to avoid the case. Any pics of the device with the case?

Hmm it is basically identical, except it DOES get rid of the annoying second battery case attachment thing. That implies there is more battery built in and the bare device, minus case, might be better balanced?

The overall case attachment system is almost identical, minus the battery, and it folds to make a stand.

I think you are confusing the Kindle Fire tablet(s) with the actual, e-ink Kindles. Which is why I fucking hate that they used the same brand for both. I don’t see any evidence that you can install Chrome on an e-ink Kindle, and the default browser (at least on the Kindle 2 - which is how long ago I bothered with 3G on a Kindle) was trash and may not exist anymore. The tablets are tablets.