The New Kindle Oasis - The waterproof kindle is finally real


I read around 2 hours a day and would say that now that it’s finished indexing (which took weeks because I loaded literally thousands of books onto it) it probably manages around a week on a charge. It definitely feels like it depletes much faster than the Paperwhite but a week is still doing better than any other electronic device I own so I can’t complain too much.


It did drain somewhat quickly it seemed but I realized I was just setting it down after reading instead of turning it off. Once I started turning it off I get at least a week. Often more because I don’t read every night.


If you use the cover with it, it turns off when you “close the book.” So I easily get a week, reading 30-120 minutes a day.


That’s not great, I am a real heavy reader and a paperwhite you get around a month mostly


It may not be as good as the Paperwhite but if you charge it once a week you’re good. I usually plug it in on a Saturday when I’m going to run some errands.

The improvements in the Oasis make it a superior reading experience for me. I’m not sure it’s worth the price Amazon charges for it, but I enjoy it more.

Yeah, I had a cover for my Paperwhite so I got used to just closing it and putting it down. I carried that over to the Oasis and would just put it down. Took me awhile to figure out that was draining the battery some.

I might get a cover for my Oasis, but I love how light it is and how I can hold it in one hand and never need to use my other hand.


Don’t forget the Oasis is waterproof and supports Bluetooth audio. It’s not just e-ink you’re paying for!


So does the new Paperwhite though.


I read with my non waterproof Kindles in the bathtub. Np. I rarely even use bags. I think I’ve had five Kindles, none died to water.

… And I just managed to jinx myself and drop mine in the toilet. Still working thought.


How often is charging once a week a challenge?


It’s annoying because I forget the device needs to be charged and inevitably go longer.

Audio playback drastically reduces the battery life too. I go from fully charged to dead in ~4 hours at 2.25x playback speed. I wouldn’t think the playback speed affects battery but just in case…


The original Oasis had both an onboard battery and then an additional battery to extend battery life in the removable cover. Is that not available anymore?

From Wikipedia’s Kindle Page:


The original Oasis offloaded most of its battery capacity to the cover battery. The current model reclaims that battery to the actual device.


I don’t think there is a battery case anymore. I didn’t see that option when I looked. I don’t have an issue with battery life though, it’s been fine for me.