The New Kindle Oasis - The waterproof kindle is finally real


Man I love the kindle covers for the paperwhite and voyager. Instant convert the minute I used one. I understand cost, but I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want one. Open the cover and you are reading, just like a book. Fancy that. Close it, and it’s protected while traveling. Simple, fast, and intuitive.

I am not one for covers, only my phone has one and not my ipads and other devices. My phone only because I have butter fingers and after my 2nd shattered iPhone I decided I needed one. No such issues with the kindles minus the first model.


It adds bulk, and the Kindle needs to be as lean as possible IMO. And I’ve owned…four? I think… Kindles and never had any need for screen protection.


I am the same. The few extra grams the cover adds are really a stress for long reads. This is why I don’t like reading on tablets either.
… but I am using my Kindle mainly to afford a good position while reading in bed, so I must be honest and say that protection isn’t really a priority in such situations


But the oasis is absurdly small and also super unbalanced (heavy on the battery side). Without the case it is just awkward to hold in a way that the voyage and paperwhite are not.


Well, I also don’t have an Oasis.


That’s interesting. I like the unbalanced mode of the original Oasis the best; it moves the leverage point entirely inside my palm, so it’s almost effortless to hold. I prefer it without the battery cover for that reason alone.


Agreed. My wife has one, and I find it more comfortable to hold than the regular Kindle models because all the weight is so concentrated at the point where you’re holding it.


Me too, with the caveat that I bought a great third party one for $10 instead of a $60 official.


In addition to being super unbalanced — very thin and light on one side, super heavy and bulkier on the other side — the Oasis kinda has crappy battery life. So you need to dock it for more typical “weeks” battery life becoming of an eInk device. That is, like, the whole point of these things. You cannot even buy the oasis v1 without the case. It is not possible. So docking and undocking is your life now, apparently.

It did not happen to me but a friend got an oasis with a bad connection to the case so it never charged right. He ended up returning it. And blamed me for the recommendation.

Seriously, just fuck battery cases as an intentional, required part of any tech gadget. Such a bad idea on so many levels. Very happy that oasis v2 drops this bullshit. Also since it is bigger and does not rely on the case for “normal” battery life, I am hopeful the balance of the device will be better.


Nah. Even with the cover, the size/bulk is less than many books.

Also, never had a problem with my Oasis battery case. Felt like they could have just built the whole battery into the main unit and I’d have been fine, but marketing forced them to make the main unit “smaller/lighter than ever.”


2000 kroner is … $320 USD. No no, the old kindles I’m talking about were like $60 (now $80 at store). So like 400 kroner.

It’s cheap enough that I feel safe leaving them in the back of a plane seat. Nobody’s gonna steal it. Nobody reads…

Oh yeah, this new oasis is $250 USD. Man, I’d like the buttons but that’s kinda expensive for a stupid $0.25 button.


Sure, it’s smaller and thinner than most books. This is one of the advantages of the device, and I don’t see any compelling reason to compromise that advantage. Especially at the official cover’s pricetag.


I’m in the “love the cover” camp, at least for the Paperwhite. Feels, well, just right, and I love that you can close it for tossing into the gym bag or briefcase. And, my dogs now know the sound of a Kindle closing, so they can leap up in anticipation of, well, whatever it is dogs anticipate, because, after all, the ONLY reason a human could be stopping doing what they were doing is to attend to the hounds, amirite?


Ahhhh…Those are the Ipad likes, right? Not the dedicated E-readers?


Yeah, I am desperately waiting for them to do a refresh of the non-luxury-end of the Kindle spectrum that has the freaking buttons back. (I’d also like it to ditch the touchscreen but I’m sure that ship has sailed. Buttons would be enough.)


I can’t be the only one who ever uses the touchscreen, can I? I mean, its a wonderful tool for those words you aren’t quite sure off, but I guess with English being your first language, you rarely read words you aren’t quite sure about? I use this…well, not all the time, but especially in hardcore science fiction books that often uses terms that aren’t broadly used, and thus not very known to me. Also, its excellent to have wiki built-in for some of the references as well -I really enjoy that.


I’ve never used the dictionary or wiki features, no. If I don’t know a word in a book, chances are they made it up for the setting. But in the now rare case that it’s a real word I can usually infer from context. And while the touchscreen does make them easier, the dictionary at least existed prior to that being implemented. Mostly the touchscreen for me is a bad way to do my primary activity while using the Kindle (turning pages) and has enormously more scope for unintended and unwanted input than it does to improve my time with the device. But if I had physical page turn buttons I’d live with the accidental input because at least I’d have a solid, reliable way to turn pages and I could do that in winter without either touchscreen-friendly gloves (which work for shit and wear out in a season, tops) or having my fingers bare to sub-freezing temperatures.


As an aside, how are the lighted cases for the Kindle 4 (the last non-touch screen Kindle). I love the hardware buttons, but the lack of a light keeps me from using it.

So, I end up doing most of my reading on my iPad. I have the big-ass iPad (the 12.9), which I don’t mind reading on. I just use the landscape 2-up view.

I don’t want to spend $250 to get the hardware buttons. I do want a lighted screen.

I’ve used the dictionary some, but I love the translate buttons. In the new Dan Brown novel, he has some stuff in Spanish that I’m not sure from the text around it what the real meaning it.


I was just going through the reasons why I like the case so much in my head and they sound fairly petty, even to me. Of course every argument against is in the same camp, outside of cost.

It’s just a great UI. Open book, start reading, close book, stop reading. You do have to pay to disable ads though, which is another hidden cost. The whole thing was shite with ads enabled.


I gather none of you are using the Voyage version of the kindle?
Its the intermediary between the Paperwhite and the Oasis and that model seems to have reintroduced the buttons.