The New Kindle Oasis - The waterproof kindle is finally real


I am - its the only one I have tried, but I really enjoy it.


You have a lot to learn about English-speaking people, other than Trump, who knows and uses the best words.

I don’t use that define word feature because I sort of know the word from the context, even if I would fumble to define it. I also don’t want to stop reading, normally. I only read fiction, and if a writer uses a word I don’t know then he’s the dumb one for being too difficult!

The touchscreen gives me zero problems for page-turns. I doubt I would use buttons if I had that option.


I’ve seen the Paperwhite on sale for $99, I think. Amazon has refurbs for $99. I think it’s a nicer experience than the iPad Air, which I have.


I use the touch screen all the time to look up words when reading Japanese.


The Voyage has sensor bars and vibration not tactile buttons per se. You get used to them and they did not bother me, but there is an adjustment period. Button purists won’t like.


The Paperwhite does not have hardware buttons.

Personally I decided that the lighted screen and a few other niceties were worth the sacrifice, but it really shouldn’t be either or.


Right. Thanks for the clarification.


I am a native speaker, and I agree. I don’t use it a lot in fiction reading where, yes, context helps. But there are certain technical words in nonfiction that I don’t encounter enough to have in my long-term memory.


I use a Voyager now as well, and I never use the haptic buttons. Swiping works well for me because I can put my fingers anywhere on the screen and turn the page with a tiny motion. If that’s all the touch screen did I would be happy, but it tries be clever with pinching and other things that just end up irritating me.


Yeah the pinching is just a terrible idea with the mega latency of eInk


Aye, its awesome like that. I’ve read a book books where it wasn’t western names, and since I sometimes have a hard time remembering who is who with, say, African names, the options where you press a name, and the Kindle shows you the description of the person is also pretty awesome!


That isn’t definitions, that is something else, it is Amazon X-Ray. Also works on Amazon videos, etc.

X-Ray operates like a concordance, listing most commonly used character names, locations, themes, or ideas, which are sorted into the two main categories “People” and “Terms”. For example, readers can use it to look up the first occurrence of characters, which is often helpful in many-charactered novels.


Thats the name - thanks! Its pretty awesome yes, and pretty cool that it works with terms as well. My point was, that this would not work without a touchscreen, and thus, its a nice feature that comes with the touchscreen.


Physical buttons are the one thing I like about my old Nook Glowlight that I miss on my paperwhite. It made it easy to hold the nook in one hand and never have to use my second hand, paperwhite can get awkward to try and swipe while holding it, especially in my left hand.


It would, though. Like I say, word highlighting etc was in before touchscreens. It’s definitely more convenient to just tap, but it’s not required.


Interesting - how is that possible without a touchscreen?


They had a little cursor nub. Like you might find as a mouse substitute on a laptop. I would never argue it was better for the purpose than touch, but it did work. And did not have issues with unintended input.


Oh god that physical cursor thing sucked.


I broke down and ordered one. The screen improvements (light sensor, white on black text) were pretty compelling, and I think I left my OG Oasis in storage. It’s more than I would like to be spending right now (2 days before iPhone X pre-orders) but oh well.

It’ll be nice to catch up on some of my favorite authors. I’ve been away from print for a bit. Hopefully they’ve written something in the meantime :-)


Let us know what you think when you get it. My finger is hovering over the buy button too, but I think I can make myself wait to see if there’s a Black Friday discount.