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I had to think a minute to remember what was going on there, and it totally cracked me up.



Turns out the bullet doesn’t come out of the scope.


What the hell is that guy doing shooting downhill over open terrain? What does he imagine is gonna stop that bullet if it doesn’t hit the target or, you know, it ricochets.


Believe it or not, back in the '70s there was a series of court cases involving hunters doing just that and auto insurance. The bullet would strike the crown of the truck roof, deflect down into the cab and hit the passenger. The passengers tried to collect under the auto insurance policy, but the courts held that the policy covered the use of the vehicle as a vehicle and not as a gun rest.






For C Dub.


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Wow. Those first two in particular are so lovely.






A month ago the Qt3 Movie Podcast posted their Best of 2018 episode. Dingus, Kellywand, and Tom have posted lists of their 10 favourite movies for the year, and writing into the podcast and writing in the thread for the podcast, sinnick, Bryan Becker, Anonymgeist, Crispywebb, and Soren_Hoglund also submitted lists. I’m going to try and post a gif from each selection that all 8 of them have made. Since I can only post 5 replies at a time, this is going to take awhile.

Sorry for spamming the thread.

Here is @ChristienMurawski’s 10 for 2018


Dingus’ #9


Dingus’ #8


Dingus’ #7


Dingus’ #6


@marquac, you are so making my day.




Dingus’ #5


Dingus’ #4


Dingus’ #3