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Almost done. 5 more to go.





Very nice, @ChristienMurawski. That will make @rhamorim happy as well I bet. :)

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I had to find this online.


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Thank you everyone for posting so I could finish this in one sitting. And thank you everyone who submitted a best of list.


Is there a list of the movie names? Cuz a lot of them I don’t know!



Check out this thread for a comprehensive list.



I need to revisit that one. I kind of bounced off it initially, but I think it might enjoy it much more a second time with recalibrated expectations. The Darjeeling Limited also took a second viewing for me to like.


I agree

However that is not the film @ChristienMurawski was posting! It is, however, where Anderson’s style and sensibilities really come together best I think.


Man, so many great clips. Thank you @marquac!!!

What I love about this gif is that no one who hasn’t seen the movie will understand how grim it is.

I was hoping you’d post this shot. Josh Hamilton is so great in that scene.

You didn’t post the scene immediately preceding this one! :)


Okay. This legitimately made me laugh out loud.




@marquac, you are a goddamn unparalleled delight!



Yeah he is.



“Thank you sweet rabbit.”


Nicely put. When I saw the scene I knew it had to go on the list. I just wish the aspect ratio wasn’t messed up.

His reaction is great, isn’t it?

I did not. :)

You might recognize this.

I started to watch this and then realized why would I watch this right before going to sleep?