The NEW NEW animated-GIF thread


Hey, don’t scare Dingus off! He’s easily frightened.

I should have told him Aterrados was a three-hour black-and-white Argentinian coming of age movie.




Yeah, it made me happy. As did the Gwen gif. ;)


Is there any reason all these movie gifs don’t have the movie title with them? I have many questions.


Yes, they’re supposed to make you curious.



Sure, I guess. But then that curiosity leads to …nowhere, unless I get lucky with an image google search.


If you’re curious about any of those I posted, I’ll be glad to let you know what movie/production they came from. Otherwise, maybe people here will help? Maybe post the ones you’re curious about?


I appreciate that, but the problem is the thread itself. I’ve said it before, but asking about a gif on this thread is a massive PITA because then I have to also find a GIF myself to post.

It’s quite the pickle. That’s why I was thinking it would be helpful to put movie titles with GIFs, in the case of when we get like 40 new GIFs of all movies, at least.


I’ll link his again for you @Scott_Lufkin. Scroll down about halfway through to see the lists in written form. Marqac posts the ones from the podcast, and people start adding their own.

Right, gif










You can always ask me in the thread or in a PM what movie a gif is from. I’m happy to answer any questions. When I do these mass gif posts, it’s with the hope that it will nudge some folks to listen and take a look at the Best of 20** Movie Podcast and the forum thread. I put whose pick the gif was so that someone can go to the thread and look up the movie the gif is from.