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For a split second, I thought her hair splayed out on the floor was blood.

Gillette Ad - what the buggery hell?




this is what happens when you ban bump stocks!







People always underestimate how fast rockets actually are imo. It’s like a bullet that you fire that just gets faster after it’s shot.


Just in case anybody else is wondering who they just watched get killed:

On Saturday, media affiliated with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), a leftist militant group battling the Turkish state, posted a video purporting to show a fighter downing a Cobra attack helicopter


@ShivaX, that was actually pretty disturbing to me, so I deleted it in case others feel the same way. Like a lot of violence, it can be thrilling in movies, but not so much when it’s for real. :(





Here is how dumb I am - I still want to pet that little guy.


He’s a good boy Scart.


There once was a man

From Cork, who got limericks

And haiku’s confused.


What’s really weird is that that video, on the WaPo site, begins…with an Xbox ad for Metro Exodus. The juxtaposition of violent video game and real-world violence is sort of jarring.


Omg where is your gif?!?!





Perhaps we can start a gif train of one of the best shows on tv? :)


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