The New Paradigm In Sexual Voyerism... Asian Style!

Found this story linked off of Warren Ellis’ website. Don’t worry - it’s just a news article, and hence safe for work.

It’s about a Japanese love hotel that has a room where they’ll broadcast the (willing) participants over the net while they, you know, do it. In addition, they’ll only charge you 500 yen to cover the cost of the laundry bill.

“On the site where the footage is being shown, there’s also a photo of the outside of the love hotel where the action is taking place. There’s also the same notice that’s been put up in the lobby, which says that the room is being used for live Netcasts and offering sunglasses to anybody who wants to hide their face from view if they perform inside the room,” a voyeur tells Shukan Post. “The reality of the whole thing is incredible.”