The new Syphon Filter PSP game is looking pretty damn good

Here’s a video of some cutscenes/gameplay

And here’s an all Gameplay video

And an article on how they are set to use the full 333 mhz capability of the PSP’s-shadow-taps-into-all-333mhz-on-psp/

Hey everyone, I’m the technical director for SCEA’s Bend studio in Oregon, the developer of the Syphon Filter franchise. We’re working hard on the next chapter in the series, Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow for PSP, but I wanted to take some time to give a glimpse into how the PSP’s recently expanded processor speed (333MHz) will help us deliver a look and feel that wasn’t possible under the previous 266MHz limit.

For Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror, our concentration was developing an engine that could produce stunning PSP visuals, allowing for significant detail in the environments. For Logan’s Shadow, we naturally wanted to push the detail even further with our focus turning towards interactivity within those environments.

Now we have the ability to introduce Havok physics, water rendering/gameplay (as seen in the screenshot above), larger environments with significantly more interactive elements, and faster AI response times. In short, tapping into the full processor speed of PSP offers increased gameplay opportunities, while still providing the high production qualities you would expect after playing Dark Mirror.

I can’t wait until you see for yourself the difference that 333MHz makes when you get your hands on Logan’s Shadow this fall.

I know this is not news to most people here, but I just got the first game from GameFly and it is excellent. If the PSP had more games like that…

Wow. That is pretty impressive actually. Also was a fan of the first. Better than MGS IMHO.

Software has always been able to tell the psp to run at 333 though, I’m confused as to why this is touted as some new thing. unless part of sony’s requirements was that it didnt tell it to that, even a 1.5 psp could be told to run at 333.

I’m almost done with the first one. It’s the first PSP game that’s almost good enough to pull me away from my PC and 360.

I received a demo in the mail for the first psp syphon filter is being ported to the ps2. I haven’t tried it yet as the last game in the series I played was 2 on the ps1. Has the series really improved since?

Apparently the last PSP game kicked the pants of the previous PS2 game.

I believe that this was the case – it was against TRC to run at the highest clock speed available, but now it’s not.

that is fucking retarded.

Are you talking in terms of genre/ style, or quality?

Because if it’s quality, I think there a few that at or near the quality of Dark Mirror

CRUSH (my favorite PSP game)
Wipeout Pure
Rachet and Clank
Loco Roco
Exit 1 & 2
Killzone: Liberation (surprisingly)

Battery life concerns