The New York Times knows about your gaming hoard

Title The New York Times knows about your gaming hoard
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When January 27, 2020

Did you know that some people collect videogames? It's true! There are even people that speculate and take part in a market of buying and selling old games..

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Collector’s Edition swag of games are always worthless too.

Fake news!

Wait what? Which one of you bastards told the New York Times about my gaming hoard?

The article doesn’t really talk about gamers at all. It’s about collectors, and one of its points is that many recent collectors have have no connection to gaming at all, and are just speculating in the hopes of making a buck.

Well that ruined a fine hot take :) Thanks for the facts tho, good to hear. I will delete my mainstream media slander :)

This ties in with the interesting but ultimately empty documentary I found:

My brother collects collector’s editions of old CRPGs. It’s the only thing he collects. People are interesting and different.

WARNING: People collect things

I collect people who collect things.

One day things will collect people.

I think they already have.

cue “Twilight Zone” music

And on that day, I will collect those things.

Oh jesus. Cobra Triangle. Lots of people like to throw around Battletoads or Ninja Gaiden as the most impossible NES game, but I swear to god it was Cobra Triangle.