"The newest registered user is The Narrator's Narrator&

Uh oh.

I was waiting on that one.

I’ll be doing more research on The Narrator soon, but all I know is that if Sparky is not The Narrator, then she has a major rival for funniest poster on Qt3.

You stinky poo pants poo! You said I was the funniest poster on QT3!



Damn it, “The Narrator’s Narrator’s Narrator” won’t fit.

Now all we need is The Audience

Seriously, Brian, he talks about it every day. I think he’s more proud of the thread you made about him than he is of his kid. You’d better take that back.

I was right when I said it. Shortly after I said it you started to force the humor, and you were still reasonably funny but something was missing. Not long after that you switched over to SeriousChop… your personality was different. And the funny stuff was gone.

Sparky hit the top of her game with her classic posting of Tom Chick’s beret sperm. That was one of the Top 20 funniest things I’ve seen in my life. For at least a 3 or 4 month period (maybe longer even) Sparky was clearly the funniest Qt3er… no contest.

Then comes The Narrator, a man or woman clearly after my own heart. If The Narrator is Sparky then she has reached the heights of Qt3 humor and all wannabes might as well just pack their bags and give up. If someone else is The Narrator then a new rivalry is born. But given how hard I’ve laughed at some of The Narrator’s posts and how much I’ve admired some of the insights, I’m thinking Sparky again gets the red 2nd place ribbon.

What I admire about Sparky’s humor is how fine-tuned it is. There isn’t extraneous garbage thrown in… its very very efficient humor. She knows just what’s funny so she never takes the “throw shit at wall and see what sticks” approach. Her humor is practically professional.

Now if we could only get her to post MORE…

Are you Murph’s overly-zealous friend, by any chance?

Oh, that’s fine. I’ll put it up on my bulletin board next to the prized green 3rd place ribbon I got in the 1983 Kent County Parks & Recreation Baton Twirling Competition (I was one of only three entrants).

I hate to disappoint you, but I am not the Narrator. The Narrator is much funnier than me, although I could probably take him/her in a Photoshop duel.

Where’s the Koontzian analysis of Top 25 Funniest Fuckerz? I want, no I demand, that.

As for quality over quantity, Sparky has to be the title holder. I am afraid I am way the hell on the other end of that spectrum.

Well you can blame Jason McCullough for turning me into SeriousChop for a while. Trying to have a discussion with him is like running into a brick building over and over again headfirst in hopes of spilling a wine glass that is non-precariously perched on the edge of the far side of the building.

That’s taped down. With no wine in it.

Was that “forced” enough for you?

And remember Brian, you left us for several months too! And then when you came back you weren’t quite as wacky as before. So we all have our ups and downs.

I almost want to challenge sparky in a photoshop duel, but I’m afraid of the outcome.

And what the rules would be.

Actually, we need the chorus.

A group of old men singing their post in unison

Yea, we should hold a PS Wars. That’d be good family fun for the whole family.