The next Call of Duty (#21, if you're counting!) will be called Black Ops 6

This year’s main installment of the franchise is Black Ops 6.

What was the last Call of Duty game you played?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. That was it for me. I’d had enough.

The last COD game I got way into was COD BLOPS 4. Infinite Warfare before that.

If this is on Gamepass, I will play it.

I played the hell out of the first two Calls of Duty years ago, but never got back into it until they released Warzone back in 2020. Been playing off and on since then. Really enjoyed the recent DMZ mode and pretty much just play Zombies with a pal lately. Odds are I’ll get BO6 when it releases.

Holy crap, there have been six of these things? I remember being slightly tempted to try the first one (I think) because it had Zork stuck in it somewhere as an Easter egg.

Anyway, I played the three modern warfare games back in the 360 days. They were kinda fun. Not enough for me to keep going though, apparently.

Cold War, Treyarch’s last outing, was excellent so I am looking forward to this. Warzone is still the deal. I just needed a break.

If Microsoft is stupid enough to let me play the campaign and the multiplayer for a month via Game Pass on PC then I will “buy” it that way. I don’t need multiplayer beyond a month or so anyway. Warzone is free.

I can’t work out what I have or haven’t played. They all seem too similar.

lol I don’t know. Probably the last one that didn’t require online activation.
Looking on my shelf, I’m guessing that must be the first Modern Warfare (2007). But I’m thinking there was one that came in a DVD case after that that isn’t on my shelf for some reason.

Checking COD’s Wiki page, it was World At War (2008).

I remember liking every game, up to and including Modern Warfare’s SP campaign. Not so much World At War.

As soon as they started with the online activation stuff, I dropped out, as I didn’t like the precedent that was setting. As I only play single player anyway, I don’t really think I missed much, as I think they began to focus more and more exclusively on MP.

Live action reveal trailer tomorrow.

Game Pass Day 1

Also, trailer is a confirmation of the “Desert Storm” era.

Would be interesting to get some Falklands Islands stuff in there too. Based on the live action trailer and the inclusion of Maggie Thatcher.

CoD on Game Pass is the big news. I realize that if they don’t do it then the corner they backed themselves into years ago saying all first party will be on there is a broken promise, but they also just cost themselves a minimum of $55 of revenue from me because I’ll re-up Game Pass for a month to play the campaign and then bail back out. I’ve purchased every CoD except MWIII since 2015 at full price. Why would I do that now?

A lot of players are only on PS4/PS5 and won’t have that option. Maybe even half of them? I haven’t looked at the divide lately.

I like the politician look-alikes they found. Bill Clinton, Colin Powell?, Thatcher, George Bush, Saddam Hussein.

Yeah, but if everyone who has the option switches to Game Pass, this game may no longer be the top revenue maker for the year and/or at launch.

I never played MP of any CoD but finished campaigns:

CoD 2
CoD 4: MW
CoD: MW2
CoD: Advanced Warfare
CoD: Infinite Warfare
CoD: WW2

Infinite Warfare is probably tied with MW1 as my favourite.

I would consider playing few others via gamepass. I might consider buying campaigns for 5 bucks if they were sold separately, but since that is never going to happen, gamepass it is.

I do not care about Black Ops (6 or otherwise).

Time to raise prices on the battle pass and tier skips.

Or raise price on Game Pass.

I’m interested to see how they’re going to recoup the lost sales revenue. They have to do something. No way you can just toss this in Game Pass and expect that they’ll make the same number of $$$ overall. That will absolutely tank revenue on PC and Xbox, and anyone like me that has access to PC despite also owning and playing on PS5.

The ideal scenario for them is that this gets a lot more people under the game pass umbrella, and they see how awesome their curation of games is, (especially Indie games) and they decide to stay subscribed for a long time, leading to a huge boost in subscribers long term.

World at War, which was a deeply odd game (I kept getting the sense that nothing I did really mattered). I have no idea when that was. Before that, I played the first(?) game in the franchise. Back in the day these were pretty cool, though I always preferred the squad tactics in the Brothers in Arms games.

Most CoD people aren’t really going to be swayed by Indie games. The reason they play CoD is to roll with their bros and broettes. It’s a social phenomenon more than a gaming one IMO.