The next Call of Duty (#21, if you're counting!) will be called Black Ops 6

Doesn’t most of the revenue from COD come from microtransactions now? Maybe they hope to make up the lost sales with microtransactions in Game Pass?

Ghosts, Advanced Warfare, and BO4 (with the latter being the most played and most recent, 2019) are the ones I remember most, but my partner and I only ever played MP and only because she wanted me to do so. Once she didn’t want to play anymore, neither did I and never looked back.

On GP, though, might give it a look to make use of the Xbox S that is sitting unused out there, if it plays well enough on it. Not needing to dump any funds on it to play is pretty decent incentive, and we were never good enough that no amount of money would have improved our chances.

Did they miss an opportunity to call this CoD: Check Your Six?

I mean, our entire entertainment economy is now based on people signing up for subscriptions they forget to cancel.

I am sure gamepass will be part of that for a lot of people.

FYI, install size on the Xbox is reportedly 310 GB

I guess you can buy one of the new XSX with more storage space?


I don’t understand how/why COD has such a singularly large install footprint. There must be some actual engineering reason? Does anyone know?

I’ve always got a kick out of the theory that they just don’t give a shit about optimisation, and that it works better for them anyway if the one game you have actually got room to install is COD.

It’s hysterically cynical and dumb enough that I’m 100% ready to accept it as true.

Jeezus, that’s almost all the free space on an XSS. That only leaves you 54GB. Unless they have a lower-rez install for that console.

Do we really need 4K textures? I really have a hard time telling the difference between 1080p textures, especially at the breakneck speed of the action in these games.

They say the install size will be optimized, but it has so many juicy textures that, well…

Activision says that an internet connection is required to play all modes in Black Ops 6, including the campaign, due to the game’s new texture-streaming technology. The statement from the publisher says this requirement is necessary because Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 will use texture streaming across all game modes, allowing the developer to “deliver the highest-quality visuals while also reducing the game’s overall storage space on your hard drive.”

With the basic edition coming in at a friendly 80 bucks before MTX, it’s not like you could afford a second game, anyway.
30 bucks more buys you some consumables and a bunch of skins.

At this point, I’m kinda convinced they’re peddling some sort of digital crack to hopeless addicts, similar to the EA and 2K Sports crowd.

Basic edition is free if you got gamepass.

Bold of you to assume I have >300 gigs of download volume/time to waste on a shitty MTX-laden online PVP shooter with a middling jingoistic storyline.
This is one of the cases where “not even for free” applies.

I was just amazed that they charge 80 bucks now, after 70 already wrinkled a few noses. Then again, if the fanbase is hooked, why not fleece them for all their worth. Capitalism('s) Ho(e)! Won’t someone think of the poor shareholders!

In regards to ActiBlizz, they moved from my “Do not buy” list to “Wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire” years ago. Calling that company cancer is an insult to cancer.

Don’t know where 80$ is coming from

it is 70$ in freedom bucks on Steam.



To whoever is responsible for the local pricing: I have a suggestion for you that involves several Bad Dragon products and absolutely no lube.

Well, at least you don’t live in this hellhole.

Activision is worse than cancer and on your “wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire” list, but you’re complaining about the price of the game being too high?

It sets a bad precedent if they get away with that kind of pricing, on top of being a live-service game with battlepasses, microtransactions and whatever else they crammed in there.
And yes, that’s the reason WHY they’re on said list, and worse than cancer. If your shit needs that kind of pricing to exist, it probably shouldn’t. If your shit has that kind of pricing because you can get away with it and the players are little more then junkies, your company shouldn’t exist.

But Ubi & Co are probably looking at this and going “You can fuck them HOW hard without lube?!?” and prolly wont have the courtesy to offer a reacharound.

I used to like AAA games. Right now, it’s a bit like seeing the mummified corpse of a good friend getting pimped, and I realized that while I don’t want to be part of this, there’s still people behind these games that work hard, and don’t get rich, famous or popular from them. They’re more or less forced to produce overpriced skinner boxes, and that’s the antithesis of what I want from a game.

I don’t want to pick between decent production values or decent gameplay. Quite frankly, I’m fucking sick of PS1 and 8bit and 16bit looks in indie games. I utterly despise characters with red noses, as that makes them seem perpetually drunk to me.
But it seems it’s mostly one or the other these days, and I can’t justify blowing 110€ plus MTX on something that gets turned off 2 years down the line and likes to remind me that it wants to fuck my credit card, pretty please with a new skin on top. This isn’t a game any more. This is operant conditioning posing as a hobby.

So, yes, the price is too fucking high, the company would be rejected by cyberpunk writers as “too unrealistic” in its asshattery, they’re not getting my money even if I could do with a decent-looking new shooter, and the greed is tainting all of the major publishers that are left, and some wannabe’s that won’t be around for very much longer (a hearty FUCK YOU to Embracer at this point).

There, happy now?

Yeah, I’m fine. Are you okay?

I mean, he’s not wrong.

The game is 18.5% cheaper in USA, in comparison with my price. Then again, we have included a 21% VAT tax, not sure how it works in the land of the free.

then again the PPP is almost 60% better in USA than in Spain, games are more expensive here because of that. Spain gets shafted many times in prices because we are included in the ‘western Europe’ zone but we don’t have the economy of UK, Germany or France :/