The next PlayStation is going to be so baller

I bet it’d be a fun game to find all the times a game company name-checked ray-tracing as thought it was a real thing on current hardware.

You mean like flash sales, like 7.50 and 10 dollar games? Yeah PSN has those, fairly frequently and that’s before you take into consideration about getting discount on PSN gift cards.

Consoles are not 400 dollar machines though, they’re almost 600 at release if you actually want a game to play with and of course the privilege to go online. It’s only 200 dollars now because it’s old.

Consoles still get the nod in ease and and generally price (even though you can build a cheap pc that game for even under 800).

Humble Bundle has literally had PlayStation bundles on multiple occasions. Sony is literally running sales with huge discounts almost weekly. If you want to see them, try paying attention.