The next step in terrorism

Car bombs in rush hour traffic is what we have to worry about.

Great, LA would make SUCH a prime target for this sort of tactic.

But no terrorist attacks in the U.S. since September 11th. Why is that? I asked once before and there seemed to be no consensus. Are the anti-terror measures simply that effective? Is Al Qaeda waiting for the “right time”?

Given that eight years passed between the two WTC attacks, maybe it is not so surprising, but there’s certainly been a steady stream of attacks on non-U.S. soil in the interim.

It could be one or both of those things, Ned. Maybe Al Qaeda needs time to adapt to our new anti-terrorist “vigilance”. Who can really say. Regardless, I have little to no doubt that they will find a way to strike again. It scares me, but all one can do about it is try to be as prepared as possible.