THE NFL 2017 Season


Yeah I hear you. Carr too. I had him and Cooper both at one point and had to dump them during their slump. May be time to try and get them back?


The NFL is certainly unpredictable. 5-0 Chiefs are now 5-2 Chiefs within a five day span. From number one to just another front runner in less than a week.


How 'bout those Patriots? Took them seven weeks, but tonight they looked like a team that might be able to win a Superbowl.


I did not get the memo that Fournette would be out this week.

I’m still in the running, but we’ll have to see how many points Cousins can put up. He is my last chance to earn points, but the guy I’m up against has a WR and some player defense in the Monday game (can’t remember who now).


The Bengals are back to playing two quarters of competitive football per game. That second half collapse against the Steelers was classic Bengals. 4th and 2, Dalton rolls out and…throws it into the stands…game over. Classic.

Mad props to Cowboys safety Jeff Heath for going 2 for 3 on PATs and handling 5 kickoffs in the Cowboys win over the hapless 49ers.


As a Skins fan, this will be a tough game. Any time we play the Eagles it can be a tossup, but this one in particular, the Eagles seem to be gunning to prove their worth. Not to mention, Skins/Eagles matchups tend to fall in to the, last-one-to-score wins the game with back and forth attempts from both teams, and hard playing defenses.

I hope Cousins shows some gusto. I know he has it in him.


I suspect it’ll be close tonight. If it goes like it often does, the Redskins will win because they’re playing in Philadelphia. I feel like that’s always the trade the two teams make with one another in the regular season. They can’t win at home when the other guys show up.


This also happens with Dallas in the mix for either team. We’ll win on the road, but get embarrassed at home.


Yeah, the NFC East is dumb.

I do hope the birds win tonight. I think they’re mostly for real. Pederson hasn’t gotten a lot of compliments so far but I think he’s Andy Reid without the terrible time management issues and the desire to throw the ball at all costs. Doug also seems to know when he’s made a mistake, owns it, and then tries not to duplicate said mistake again. I doubt we’ll see any going for it on 4th and 8’s anytime soon.

That said, he has his own set of things he has a blind spot on, as most coaches do. I just feel good about the fact that when he encounters one of those, he seems to want to fix it.

Also… that 4th down stuff totally has Jim Schwartz written all over it too. I’m sure he’s in Doug’s ear saying “We can hold them. GO FOR IT!” One thing it does is make teams respect that they might try it. You can’t just assume 4th and 1 or 2 between the 40’s is going to be a punt. I kinda like that.


Don’t forget Wentz, who I happen to like a lot as their QB right now. Most especially since he is like a walking god up in North Dakota. He oozes professional play though, despite being so young. If he stays healthy, they will hopefully put a fine team around him to take that franchise back to a championship.


Help me out guys. Should I start Deshaun Watson against the Seahawks or Cam Newton against the Bucs?

Watson has been amazing but it’s the Seahawks D at Seattle, he may come back down to earth this weekend. Newton can be amazing too, but you don’t know week to week if you’re getting Super Cam or Fig Newton.


Just look at how the Rams (who came in with a ridiculously high-flying offense) played against Seattle, and the Rams were at home. I’d go with Newton (even if he’s overrated).


Yes, and also Seattle seems to be getting over the early season jitters they always have before going on to win everything. They handled the Giants pretty well too. However, if you watched that game against the Rams, the Rams didn’t exactly do themselves any favors.

The lineup I set up last night does indeed have Cam starting, mostly due to the defensive ranking of Tampa Bay not being as strong as Seattle’s. But I am intrigued by the kid in Houston and wonder how he’ll do. He’s got a little Russell Wilson in him.


True. But the point is that teams can not run the ball on Seattle right now. If that continues for Houston, how effective is Watson going to be? It’s also a pretty tough place for a rookie QB to play (not that some haven’t lit it up, mind you). Houston is also missing some great defensive pieces and may have trouble getting Seattle off the field, which doesn’t bode well. The best way to beat them is to keep their D on the field alot and wear them down.


Seattle just picked up Dwight Freeney, too. So that’s (hopefully!) not going to make things any easier for Watson.


Knew he was visiting, but hadn’t seen that yet. Interesting. The d-line has been playing quite well, but they haven’t gotten bunches of sacks. With Avril on IR, maybe they think Freeney can help provide that. I would imagine he will be limited to obvious passing downs. This could also have everything to do with concern over bennett’s plantar fascia injury, not that I think that at 37 years old, Freeney could remotely replace Bennett, but maybe it helps reduce depends on him a little.


I’d go with Newton this week but still be happy if Watson somehow succeeds against Seattle. Would bode well for the rest of the season.


Neither of those options sound good to me. Cam has been inconsistent this season, which is about the nicest way I can say that. And Tampa Bay is a division rival that always plays tough, especially in Tampa. But they aren’t playing well this season, and notably have given up yards on passing, as well as allowed a lot of 3rd down conversions. That plays well for Cam, if he shows up to play.


Tampa Bay’s “defense” made Case Friggin’ Keenum look like Joe Montana. Just sayin’.


It’s hard to believe that teams would suffer through the gawdawful QB play that Miami went through tonight rather than sign Kaep.

Also, Joe Flacco took an absolute vicious hit to the head. Helmet flew off, his ear needed stitches, and one of his eyes was totally dilated. I figure he’s going to be out a while. That was a massive concussion.