THE NFL 2017 Season


I am not sorry I missed that. The NFL needs to do something about this stuff. It’s just another reason not to watch.


Yeah I can’t imagine Kaep would be worse than that, though to be fair Moore’s performance in the end of last week’s game probably left Miami thinking they’d be ok.

So what can the league do about the concussions? Outlaw the sport? Change to flag football? Two hand touch? Outsource the players to robots?


Whatever they choose to do it will have to be a major change in the game as we know it. My money is on putting all of the players in battle mech suits.


They need to start ejecting people for hits like that. That was just completely uncalled for.


My feeling is football will always be a dangerous game. I don’t know how they can change it. Football demands collisions. I don’t see how you keep the brain from bouncing around in the skull when these 240 pound players are flying at high speed into one another.

That said, at some point players started getting taught to lead with the helmet. When I played we were taught to tackle with the shoulder and wrap up with the arms. I don’t ever remember ramming my helmet into someone on purpose. It would help if they would deter tackling with the helmet.


It looked like Alonso meant to drive his shoulder right into Flacco’s head. He had a split second to let up on his hit but didn’t. Flacco slid a little later than you’d normally expect but that didn’t give Alonso an excuse to headhunt. Pretty vicious.


At least it wasn’t helmet to helmet but yeah even with the late slide the defender should have been able to ease up. Then again that stuff happens pretty quick in real time, much easier to dissect it with slow motion.


The worst part about last night was we finally got Romo calling one of our games and we let him down.

That and the attempted murder.




Now that was a heck of a game.


Wow. Yep. That’s why they call Wilson the magician. As usual the Seahawks are peaking halfway into the season.


Easily the game of the week. What a crazy 4th quarter.

That Watson kid is going to be dangerous.


I wouldn’t say that, not with the defense surrendering over 500 yards. Houston deserves a ton of credit, but outside of the picks, Houston made the defense look terrible, especially how good they had looked in the last 2-3 games. And let’s not discuss the fact that Seattle’s offense managed 3 yards rushing among players not named Russell Wilson. On a positive side, pass pro seemed quite good considering how long Wilson held the ball at times.


It’s crazy how much the play-action worked so well for the seahawks considering their run game was literally at a total of 1 yard at some point in the 4th quarter.


Interesting analysis, thank you sir. I am out of the country at the moment and could not watch the game. Either way, from what I was able to follow with peeks at the phone it seemed line a wild one.


Yeah, that it certainly was. Wilson’s numbers would have been incredible without the one bizarre pick he threw late. (I say bizarre because he seemed to be looking straight at the defender when he threw it).


Doctors apparently working to not save Zach Miller’s career. They’re trying to save his leg. Massive arterial damage when his knee was dislocated yesterday.



A restaurant that’s not losing money:


LOL - love it.
Hue Jackson has a career .225 winning percentage as a head coach, 9-31. Before he came to the Browns, he was at .500 (8-8). Going 1-23 has got to be terrible for his career prospects, assuming he doesn’t stick with the team after the season concludes (if he survives into next season, I’ll be stunned beyond belief). Still, I feel for him. Sure, he hasn’t been able to squeeze anything extra from Kizer as far as I can tell and his clock management is for $#!t, but he seems like a decent guy and has respect from all corners of the league from what I understand.

As for the “analytics front office,” as has been noted many times, all teams use analytics. The only different thing about the Browns’ front office is not having a “football guy” as the GM/final decision maker. That’s going to change, as well.

That said, even with all the high draft picks which will fall into their laps for next year, I still expect them to screw up one way or another.