THE NFL 2017 Season


Duane Brown has been traded to the Seahawks. I haven’t seen anything official on who/what was given in exchange, but there are rumors it may be Jeremy Lane.


They could have just made it easy on Duane and told him he could just stay in Seattle rather than have to fly all the way back to Houston.


haha, just like leaving your kid in the cart at the grocery store.


Scene - Houston Texans bus starts to roll away from CenturyLink Field… a lone figure is seen running after it.

Duane Brown - Hey, fellas, you forgot me!!!

[Bill O’Brien sticks head out of bus window] - Trust us!!!


And Jimmy Garoppolo to the Niners for a 2018 2nd round pick.


I hope they sit him for a while - he’ll get killed behind what’s left of their o-line.


All the noise leading up to the draft was that the Patriots wanted multiple 1st rounders for him. So what was this, a close-out sale?


Brady’s gonna play until he’s 50. Haven’t you heard?


Jimmy’s contract is up next year. If he walks, they get a 3rd rounder. No way they were going to franchise him or pay market value for a backup qb. A 2nd rounder for a guy who has played 1.5 games total isn’t bad. They got him with a late 2nd rounder, and traded him for what will likely be the first 2nd round pick next year.


It’s not a bad deal, but it’s nowhere close to what they wanted. And if Garoppolo turns out to be a good QB, it’s probably a bad deal. I don’t see Brady playing at a high level until he’s 45.


Hoyer got released and has some experience with the Pat’s system. I bet they grab him.


Just clearing a spot for Kaep in a Kraft-Trump blood feud.


Kelvin Benjamin has been traded to the Bills for a pair of 2018 draft picks.


Wow…why would they do that?


You aren’t the only one who was wondering, so ESPN wrote it up:

Boils down to money, of course. Having Funchess available gave the Panthers the chance to get a couple of draft picks and avoid paying Benjamin after next year…big savings.


They can rationalize it all they like. They are 5-3, fighting to win their division, and just traded their best receiver.


The blackballing of Kaepernick is so obvious at this point. Brian, “can’t even start for the second worst team in the nfl” is going to get a job before him.


Well, one thing to consider is that we don’t know how much money he wants. If he were willing to play for the league minimum and be happy to be a backup, I think Seattle would have been happy to have him. He’s certainly capable of being a starter, but not of coming in and running most offenses as currently set up. But I certainly think there are a number of teams he could help.


This is true. But holy shit some of the absolute awful QB play that has been going on is insane. Like, I am not watching the packers games now. Why bother? IF they aren’t interested in winning games, I am not interested in watching. Hundley had a shot at a fairly soft passing defense, and … looked bad.


What are you talking about? Hundley v Vikings was a thing o’ beauty!