THE NFL 2017 Season


Packers are going to be lucky to win 7 games this year. Nobody cares what’s best for the 2017 version of the team.


Hundley’s problem was that he wasn’t playing against the Lions. They have a tendency to turn back ups into franchise quarterbacks. Of course those guys come back to earth once they sign that fat new contract with another team but they don’t care as long as the ink has dried!


Iirc, his dropoff in play coincided with Harbaugh leaving. I might be misremembering though.


Breaking news: Deshaun Watson blew his ACL in practice. Non-contact injury.




WTF? Bridgewater almost lost his leg in a non-contact injury when he got hurt. I guess even flag football isn’t safe.

Also, every time these good QBs go down the NFL gets less interesting. Luck doesn’t seem to be able to come back. Rogers is out. Now a promising rookie?

Too bad Kaepernick isn’t good enough to play for anyone.


He arrived at a watershed moment when the read-option started hitting the NFL, and coming from Nevada’s pistol offense gave him an extra edge. Teams couldn’t defend it at all, early on. He terrorized a lot of elite teams (witness what he did against Green Bay in Green Bay).

The one team that could handle him was in his division, though. Pete Carroll had seen a lot of the read-option while coaching USC against Oregon, and his defense plays with the kind of discipline and speed you need to counter it. Plus, having their own scrambling wunderkind of a QB in Russell Wilson, they got use to defending that kind of mobile QB.

I think Kaep’s problem was that NFL defenses figured it out, and he had trouble falling back as a pocket passer. But his team did him no favors. They canned the best coach they had in decades because Harbaugh and the GM didn’t get along, and the owner sided with the GM. Then they gave Kaep sub-par talent and coaching.

The result is shit like this happening:

But the thing is, there’s no reason to think it’s not correctable if you give the guy some good coaching, surrounding talent, and confidence. He scared the hell out of us in Seattle, even though we beat him more often than not. If not for Richard Sherman’s herculean tip, it’s the 49ers who go to face the Broncos in that Super Bowl.

The dude came thisclose to winning one Super Bowl, and thisclose to going to the following Super Bowl. Either of those accomplishments is miles above most other quarterbacks in this league.


So why can’t the spread offense work in the NFL? Defenses too good?


No, because it gets your quarterback killed.


So does practice, apparently!

I often wonder how we’d think of certain sports players differently if they had gotten MVP or won a championship. Kaep has fallen so far. Would it be different if he had won the Super Bowl? Or did the universe anticipate this, so we wouldn’t have that awkward moment?


Ezekiel Elliott cleared to play this weekend. Again.

hums the neverending story theme


Thanks for the heads up. I had dropped him from my Fantasy team earlier this week, but after your post, I just picked him up again, and no one had scooped him up yet. Phew.


Maybe we will both get another good week out of him before the suspension. Who knows.


I think I finally stopped laughing about that McCarron trade blunder this morning. So much Browns in that debacle, and I say that with all sympathy being a Bengals fan. I’m sure Browns fans are upset they didn’t get a good QB because of a clerical error, and I’m sure there are Bengals fans upset we missed out on great draft picks, but I’ll tell you who isn’t upset this weekend…A.J. McCarron.

The guy is a decent QB with the skills and the smarts to be at the very least a quality journeyman QB around the league for another 10+ years…which is not a bad way to earn a living. He’s also got the potential to be a solid starting QB in the right system with the right development. That system is NOT in Cleveland, and the only development he’d have had there would be PTSD from being sacked so many times in one season. McCarron is a RFA next season, and the Bengals will not tag him, so he’ll likely go to someplace that needs him and is willing to build around him rather than someplace that needs him to save their fucking season and coach starting this weekend. Ugh.

In case it’s not obvious, I really like A.J. from his time here in Cincinnati and wish him well wherever he ends up.


Who do you think had the champagne delivered to the Cleveland front office!


Yeah, it’s a weird mess of a situation;

During the offseason, there’s going to be heads rolling. Whose I don’t know for sure, but it’s going to happen. No decent free agent QB will want to go to the Browns because of the mess; they’ll want to go to a winning situation. So the Browns will have their choice of also-rans and could-have-beens. This in turn will impact the quality of receiver free agents who will be interested in them, as a good receiver will generally want to go some place where they’d get lots of catches (as well as win).

So in short, I expect those 1st and 2nd round picks the Browns have stockpiled to be spent primarily on QB’s and WR’s and possibly a left tackle. Free agent money will be spent mostly on the secondary and maybe special teams. If they do decently with the above plan, I expect a return to the Browns’ glory years of 4-12 again.


hahaha. This would be a good reveal in a football romance drama.


I even read a rumor yesterday that Darnold might choose to stay another year in college if it looks like the Brown are going to draft him.


Or he could just be like Manning (or was that Elway) and make it clear he wouldn’t play for them under any circumstances. I don’t really approve of that strategy, but then, it isn’t my life on the line.


The jokes on Darnold, because the Browns will be drafting high the following year.