THE NFL 2017 Season


And the year after that, and the year after that…


LOL! That would be awesome.

Next time, on Bravo’s “The Real Quarterbacks of Ohio”.

And yeah, there is no dodging the Cleveland situation for draftees just yet. Those drafted in 2018 will just need to hope that together they are enough to at least form a passable (pun intended) nucleus around which 5 or 6 wins can be gutted out, enabling enough people on and off the field to stay in place to achieve some kind of consistency from one season to the next. I feel bad for Hue Jackson, the guy is a fantastic person and a very good offensive coach, he’s just been saddled with two absolutely terrible teams (Raiders, Browns) in his tenures as a head coach.


Darnold trying to avoid the Browns is like him trying to avoid death. Like his future grave, there’s a spot for him on this jersey


The juxtaposition of the Browns’ decision in early 2016 to trade away a pick that would have gotten them either Wentz or Goff … with them popping champagne after overpaying for someone’s backup QB a year and a half later … is pretty astounding.

The Browns were in position to finally land a quarterback after more than a decade of futility and turnover at the position. Cleveland has had 24 starting quarterbacks since 1999, but the club’s new front office wasn’t enthralled with Goff or Wentz and decided to get more picks to help first-year coach Hue Jackson build a winner.

At the time, many thought the Eagles overpaid. Obviously hindsight is easy, but I think their front office more than anything wanted a franchise QB and thought Wentz or Goff would fit the bill, so they were willing to overpay. Because a franchise QB brings stability to an entire franchise, even if other holes go unfilled.


It’s not just 2016.

You gotta wonder what the hell Cleveland was thinking while a rookie Deshaun Watson was carving apart the vaunted Seahawks defense in Seattle. He was also on pace to obliterate the rookie TD passing record held by Peyton Manning/Russell Wilson.

Cleveland passed on Deshaun.


Fair point. If they had traded down from 2 and still nabbed Watson, and he’d looked even remotely like he did for the Texans (which you could make a case as being not likely) they’d look like geniuses right about now.


And also Dak, right? He ain’t too shabby.


Yeah, but he was the 8th QB drafted. That’s like saying they passed on Russell Wilson. Everybody did. At least twice (3 for Prescott iirc)


True. Plus they’d grabbed Kessler in the third (their third third) so they had the guy they wanted. Heh.


Don’t forget that they blew a 1st round pick on Manziel, too. In fact I think they traded up to get him, didn’t they?



“Good” thing about getting the #1 pick? They can’t trade up from there.


Wasn’t that the owner overriding the GM?


That sounds like a challenge to me.


Yes, the story of the day was some homeless guy he walked by in the street told him to draft Johnny Football. Probably never happened, but it’s Cleveland, so the wild tales seem possible.


haha, it was probably Manziel, dirty and disheveled, coming off a crack binge.



A bunch of Seahawks fans think that Watson’s knee was compromised during their game last week.

This is something that their training staff should have caught.


If that’s true, shame on the team. Did they learn nothing from the Robert Griffin debacle. That kid should stilll be playing.


Hue Jackson is a dope. I don’t feel bad for that guy at all.

Wentz carving up Denver this week too. There’s no excuse for Cleveland’s total bumbling of everything for years anymore.


There isn’t, but the amazing thing is that it’s not the same people doing the bumbling, It’s across a succession of front offices and a succession of owners.


Both Wentz and Goff have 4 TDs each today and their games not yet over as I write this. That was a nice pair of QBs atop the '16 draft.