THE NFL 2017 Season


Julio Jones just dropped about the easiest pass he’ll see this year, likely ending my fantasy year. Would have been a nice 40ish yard TD. Could have doubled his TD production for the year right there.


I’m pretty sure it goes back at least as far as running Bellichick out of town, and that was a different owner/team.


Yep! Wentz was Bradyesque today. Roughing the passer call followed by a TD throw. Total go for the throat move that we see Brady do all the time.


Browns ought to think about hiring Theo Epstein, who ended the decades-long futility of both the Red Sox and Cubs. Yes, he’s not a football guy, but have the football guys helped this franchise?


So… is Aguayo fellow still available?


Actually Belichick was the last coach of the old Browns. Art Modell let him go the week after he announced the move to Baltimore. His staff on the last old Browns team was pretty amazing, including some guy named Saban who went on to do fairly well at college ball. A great documentary on that season: A Football Life - Cleveland '95


and that was a different owner/team


That was my point.


Yes, but the way you said it, it sounded as if that point had not already been acknowledged, which it had.


I’m in Arizona this weekend for parent’s day and so I had to monitor the Seahawks on my phone. Wtf happened? I haven’t had a chance to even watch the recap. Why can’t Seattle make field goals?


the current guy running the Browns is John DePosesta, a MLB guy from the Beane school of analytics. I have heard it said that it was his front office that maybe didn’t understand the NFL’s rules when they failed to follow up on the mcCarron trade.


Shouldn’t be having to make field goals in the first place. Don’t even watch the recap. It was awful.


Apparently in the movie Draft Day, which the Browns had to sign off on, one of the big things is that they have to get the pick in on time and you can’t screw it up. No way. No how. This is focused on in the movie is my understanding (I haven’t seen it). That makes it all the more insane that the Browns themselves would fail to get their trade in on time!


So, at least as recent at 8 years ago when I consulted and assisted the Panthers and my friend there, there are two major parts of NFL teams that is not NFL controlled and thus is in-house developed for process, application, etc. For those unfamiliar with how much technology and IT are in the NFL it would be pretty shocking.

Those two items, though, are scouting, and draft day. Both of them are personnel driven, but have a very large amount of technology in them. For the Panthers, and I’m assuming all the teams, they develop an application in-house which is for the draft day. It’s used before the draft day, used for mock-ups, and is part of the process to understand and handle decisions of that magnitude, where you are balancing the raw numbers that a draftee had from the combine, with what your scouts have given as input, to needs of the team, to relative ability to trade, etc. It is -very-complicated. It is also only just one part of everything they do on draft day, which is pretty hairy and time consuming for all involved.

I would not be surprised in an organization like the Browns that the entire process for that isn’t up to par, or isn’t handled as well as a team with better resources, better management, and better money to throw at the problem.

I’d LOVE to get a inside view of more of the Browns organization. I’d bet it would explain a lot about the issues they have.


Otherwise known as by far the best movie I’ve ever been in.

The first miss on the time limit I remember was in '03, I think, when Minnesota was trying to work out a trade and took too long. They could still submit their pick whenever they wanted - they don’t have to wait for another team to select or anything - but the next two teams behind them jumped in with their picks before the Vikings could get their choice in.


I remember seeing that on TV. It made me think of my annual fantasy baseball draft which has one guy who can never make up his mind and so is always late with his picks.


And you can tear up the Seahawks super bowl chances too


At this rate, I’m not sure there will be a Seahawks team left after this game.


That was a costly win but they still have Wilson. I don’t think you can count them out yet. Not like the Texans losing Watson.


After losing JJ Watt.