THE NFL 2017 Season


I think the Bengals played just about the worst game you can possibly play and still have a legitimate shot at winning…then lost it in the final 60 seconds. So fitting. While their defense seems solid, even when it’s pulling people off the bench to replace injured and ejected starters, one of the most prolific offenses in the NFL on paper just can’t seem to put it together on the field. Good thing they fired Ken Zampese earlier in the season, that’s paid off so well.

Also, that ejection call on Burfict was total bullshit. Vontaze is an idiot and an asshole on the field, but he’s also the only player in the NFL that gets that call for that contact. Hell, the official pushed him out of the way to start with, Burfict’s contact with him immediately afterwards was incidental as he moved away.

Congrats to San Francisco. Sucks to be you Cleveland! ;-)


Hey, Cleveland is in line to get the #1 pick again and they may have another high first rounder with the Texans struggling after their injury plague!

^this is what passes for optimism in Browns Town^


The official came in between Burfict and Conklin to diffuse the situation (after the play where Burfict piled on, landing on top of Schwenke and standing over him as Conklin was trying to help him up). His contact certainly wasn’t incidental - he shoved the officials arm away.

While you may argue another player may not have been ejected, you can’t argue Burfict was innocent and that the official started it.


Meanwhile, senior QB’s across the nation are desperately petitioning the NCAA for a 5th year of eligibility.


Or, you could argue that the official was already in contact with Burfict, and as they began to separate Burfict moved his arms upward to make the “I don’t believe this BS” gesture and the official’s arm was still in the way.

There’s no doubt there is contact, but I also doubt most other NFL players would get a flag for that. That said, Burfict is an idiot. He knows damn well he’s got a huge target on his back when it comes to stuff like this, and he lets himself get baited and goes off anyway. His skill to bullshit ratio is rapidly approaching the point where the Bengals might be better off without him.

Then again, the Bengals had something like a dozen penalties that resulted in nearly 100 yards lost and no fewer than 6 first downs for the Titans…so Burfict is only a small part of the overall problem.

I also have to hand it to Mariota…the guy got knocked down A LOT yesterday, and still kept stepping up to make throws while taking the hits, and it won his team the game. He’s got to be sore today though.


You really believe Burfict’s intent was not to push the official’s arm away?


“No, seriously - that year I threw for 3000 yards? I was just redshirting and those were scrimmages, not real games!”


That’s the way a lot of people here interpret that video. Knowing Burfict’s history, he probably intentionally contacted the official, but also knowing his history, said officials are looking for any excuse to throw that flag, so Burfict gets ejected where another player likely would have received a verbal warning to “watch it or I’m tossing you out”.


Looking at the video, I think both of you are right. The official initiated contact. Burfict did try to move his arm out of the way, but I think it was simply so he could walk off. While initiating contact with an official is suppposed to be an automatic ejection, that’s not really what happened here. Looks to me like the issue was already diffused and the official should have moved his arm out of the way. Armchair ruling: technically correct but ticky-tack call


Probably should have been ejected for deliberately stepping on an opponent’s arm right before that. TWICE.


Remind me how football overtime works? I was surprised to see the Giants go for a field goal on 2nd down. I guess it’s just too risky to keep trying for a TD?

Alternate, football question: If you miss a field goal on 2nd down, can you try another field goal on subsequent downs? So crazy. Usually they only try the kick on 4th. I’ve never seen a kicker stick around for multiple downs.


Did the other team already have possession? Now it’s sudden death with each team guaranteed one possession unless a TD is scored which ends the game. If the Giants got the ball 2nd a field goal wins it.


Oh my, that was fun.

Goff looked good despite the score though, I thought. Keenum looked worse than his line as usual, but he did make some legit plays.

Announcers were horrible, my goodness.

8-2! Woo!


No, if you fail a FG the ball goes to the other team. Occasionally you will see them try one on third down in case of a bad snap (they can take a sack and try again).


Thank you, that’s probably what happened. I came in late and will have to watch recaps.

I thought it was something like that. Thanks!


Kansas City got the ball first in overtime, and punted, so any score by the Giants was a win. Kicking on 2nd down was still a bit strange, but I get it.


I thought Keenum played really well. He seemed to always be a step ahead of the Rams pass rush, even when they got penetration. He moved well and was accurate enough on throws. Dang, where was this guy last year when the Rams needed him?

Both teams made mistakes but it seemed to me Minnesota did a better job of staying calm and not giving up on the run. The Vikes defense was really stout. I just kept sensing that Keenum was comfortable taking what the Rams gave him and didn’t try to force anything.

It was a decent game until that fourth quarter. The Rams had lost some starting defensive backs and it showed. The Vikes very good O line also wore down the Rams D.

Rams will have to figure out how to deal with defensive backfield depth issues and also how to get Gurley going even against a good defense because he’s too important a part of their game.


Browns lose again. News at 11.


I’m going to see a Chiefs game in person today. I did this back in '07 with my brother too. It’s the same plan as 10 years ago. The two of us will go pick up some nice cuts of meat, go do some tailgating in the parking lot at the stadium before the game. And then go in and watch the game when it starts. Hopefully the Chiefs have figured out why they suddenly started sucking on defense during the last 6 or 7 games.


Sounds great, enjoy your day no matter what the outcome of the game is. And yes, it’s a mystery to me how the Chiefs lost momentum. That offense was gangbusters in the first part of the season.