THE NFL 2017 Season


Enjoy! It’s harder to enjoy the actual game in person, IMHO, but it’s worth doing occasionally for the experience of it all, and company of friends and family. And you can always catch the highlights when you get home, so you can see what actually happened on the field when you were stuck a mile away in the stands. :)


Haha, good points!

I will add that when I went to the Texans/Browns game a month back, being in the stadium is more fun during the commercials. At home it’s a moment to grab a drink (or release one :) ) but at the stadium they run all kinds of little diversions during those breaks. Sometimes it’s a moment when the camera throws up a view of some crazy fans, other times there are displays of scores around the league. At that particular game they also had some game where people were dressed up as different parts of a hamburger (buns, patty, tomato, etc) and there was a race between the two teams to build a burger faster.

Silly stuff, but much more amusing to me than commercials.


You’ll be one of the few to appreciate this tidbit from the past. My cousin and me (on the left) from one of the coldest NFL games of all time - Chiefs vs Colts, 1996 playoffs!



Cheers @rowe33, that’s some dedication. I went on a really nice sunny day. Perfect weather. We picked up some Jack Stack bbq and went to the stadium and tailgated the lazy way. The Chiefs kind of sucked in the first half (we got one 1st down). The second half was much better, and the crowd wasn’t openly hostile towards Alex Smith, which was a nice change from the first half. After the two minute warning in the 4th quarter, we were 6 points down. It all came down to this last drive. It was a great drive, and we almost made it to the end. But then it was 3rd and long and Alex Smith threw an interception, and we all quietly stepped out of the stadium with the crowd as the clock wound the rest of the way down.

A disappointing end, but I take heart in the fact that it was an exciting finish and we could have won. Overall a great afternoon.


At 0-11, it’s hardly news.


Touché, lol


The CFL’s Grey Cup is being played in a snowstorm right now and, as we all know, snowy football is the best football.


Not a Giants guy but what are they doing to Eli? Is coach trying to get fired/killed in the streets of NYC?


The Giants are already eliminated from the playoffs, Eli has been inconsistent, and they figure he’s in the sunset of his career anyway. Why not try to figure out who his successor will be in real game-play situations (protip: there’s no way in hell it will be Gino, and I can’t figure out why anyone thinks it could be).


Maybe they’re hoping it will light a fire under Eli’s ass. Though I have a feeling if you lit an actual fire under Eli’s ass he’s just sit there with an uncomfortable look on his face for a while, eventually ask somebody what is that smell?


Inconsistent because his o-line is non-existent, his WR corps are all on IR, what do people expect him to do? If you’re looking to find his successor, why the hell do you put Geno Smith in and not the actual kid you drafted? Don’t buy it.

Eli will be elsewhere next year, hope he kicks the Giants around if he plays them.


As I understand it they put Smith in for this week because he has more experience. They don’t want to put Webb in on four days of practice.

Webb will get all the practice snaps after this game and will start after the Oakland game.


Giants are probably appalled that they beat the Chiefs and are terrified that they were tied through 3 quarters almost netting them a 3rd win dropping them further back in the 2018 draft. I assume that this was the most direct way they could figure out to tank the rest of the games without being too obvious.


You mean unlike the Bears last year who pulled off a comeback against the 49ers, which gave them the third pick, instead of the second, which they then traded up to the second from third by spending a fortune, swapping with the 49ers?

Yeah still mad about that.


I was at that game, I was rooting for the 49ers essentially.


Sorry guys, but the Bears shitshow is hilarious to watch. How many own goals can one franchise score in a decade? Bears are angling for top 5 in the NFL on that table.

How’s Trubisky looked since his ill advised debut?


I dunno, I basically retreated to half a world away, literally, after that week. So I have literally no idea what anything in football is right now.

Like, I don’t know which team is leading the division even. I’m going to assume Green Bay, because it’s always Green Bay.




Nah, GB has leaned way too heavily on their QB position to make up for weakness elsewhere in the past couple of years, and now that Rodgers broke his collarbone (again) they kinda stink*. Minnesota is in the lead. Detroit in second.

*though not Bears-level stink.


Minnesota was a big surprise to me on Thanksgiving morning. Before last week, people were talking about various teams being the best, and Minnesota’s name never came up. Come Thanksgiving morning, they’re playing against Detroit without a famous quarterback, and they’re now 9-2? What? Why aren’t more people talking about Minnesota winning the super bowl this year?