THE NFL 2017 Season


I do too. I really miss the old days of rushing to be honest. It’s not that rushing fell by the wayside, it’s that passing completion went up, and the winning strategy is now a passing game (Older article, but it’s only continued on the same trajectory since.)


I’m telling you, that never would have been called properly even on review. They would have confirmed the ruling on the field. They’re losing their minds here in Philly because Doug didn’t challenge it, but given that he lost the first challenge and it looked pretty clear Smith had the ball at the line to gain, you cannot blame him for not challenging that one.


Yeah, but the first one never should have been challenged. This one should have. They would have gotten it right on review. It was close, but not THAT close.but it isn’t his fault, but the fault of whoever they have in the booth looking at that sort of thing. Or maybe their QC coach can see it on the field these days.


This (watching Bell run right by you) is what happens when your team has over 150 yards in penalties already and your coach has just threatened to bench the next person who gets one. Jackson has been a rare bright spot for the Bengals defense this season, but I can pretty much guarantee his though process right there was “Bell just stepped out, I’m not getting flagged for the late hit”. Of course, all he actually needed to do was nudge Bell a fraction of an inch…but whatever, that is classic Bengals for you. They always find a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, especially against the hated Steelers.

The hits by Smith-Shuster and Iloka have no place in the game. Each received a one-game suspension, but I feel like Smith-Shuster should have seen more, especially in regards to the taunting after the fact. I hope Shazier recovers fully and quickly. While there wasn’t any nastiness involved in his injury, it was still the most horrific thing I’ve seen all season. You knew right away he was hurt bad when he was obviously in agony but only his upper body was moving. Yikes. Stuff like that makes me glad my son is done playing football now that he’s graduating high school.


I’ve watched that replay like fifteen times and I still think it looks like the ball only travels sideways. I don’t think the officials would have gotten it right given the five minutes they take to look at things.


Then you aren’t seeing the right replay. You need to be able to see the yard markers.


I’m looking at the one just five posts up, though I’ve seen some others.


Look again, but don’t look at the direction of the ball, look at the yard markers. Wilson is at or just before the 47 when he pitches it. Davis is clearly past the 47 when he catches it.


Yeah, upon close scrutiny, it seems to be clearly an illegal forward pass according to the rules. That said, I can’t blame anyone for missing the call, and I’d certainly like to think I wouldn’t be upset over it were it to happen to a team other than my own.


I clicked around the replay above while having it paused (unfortunately there aren’t any frame numbers to tell you exactly where I am), and I’m convinced the ball was moving forward. What you actually need to look at are:

The first time you can see the ball and it is certainly not in Wilson’s hand. Wilson is obscuring the 47-yd mark but the ball is clearly on the 46-yd side of the 47 mark.

The last time you can see the ball and it is certainly not in Davis’ hand (so you know there is no new forward movement imparted by Davis). The ball is ever so slightly on the 48-yd side of the 47-yd marker.

The camera is on the 50 and not the 47; that should bias judging the ball position in favor of it being a lateral (if I correctly drew triangles in my head - a ball exactly in line with the 47 closer to the sideline would look more like it was on the 46-yd side of the 47), making it even more conclusive that the ball was traveling forward.

What would replay officials have decided? Who knows.


This Youtube clip has a few alternate angles, too.


As a Seahawks fan, I felt really guilty when seeing that play. I absolutely think it was an illegal forward pass, so it sucks that part of the Seahawk’s success on Sunday was based on that illegal play.

But still, it’s on the Eagles for not challenging the play.


Kevin Clark is a Browns fan who attended the game in LA (that’s an edit, I initially wrote San Diego. Figures) last Sunday. This story is about the Chargers franchise at sea in LA.

“Essentially, the Chargers knew what they were getting themselves into and did it anyway. This is the franchise equivalent of telling yourself you’re not going to lock your keys in your car and then immediately doing it anyway.”


Nah, I don’t feel guilty over that. It’s nothing compared to some of the other stuff over the last few years, particularly involving Green Bay, iirc. It’s close enough I don’t blame the officials one bit for not catching it in real time.

I do hope someone tells Davis to trail his qb at a slightly longer distance.


They’ve already updated Russell’s firmware to account for Galilean Transformation


Can they update it to account for rushers coming from the back side of the play?


Brown’s Executive VP of Football Operations (their version of a GM) Sashi Brown has been fired


So much for applying baseball analytics to football (which, for Sashi Brown, meant passing on Carson Wentz. OOF! Edit: and DeShaun Watson. Also OOF! injury notwithstanding). Reports are that former Chiefs GM John Dorsey is the leading candidate to replace Brown. Anyone know what Dorsey’s contribution, if any, is toward the Chiefs’ current dumpster fire?


I think that some aspects of their analytics approach were actually really good. They stocked up an impressive load of draft picks by making more NBA/MLB style trades of short term payroll flexibility for long term assets.
2017: 1, 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 7
2018: 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 3, 4, 4, 5, 5, 6, 6, 7

Obviously you still have to make good decisions with the picks you make so if you don’t have the talent evaluation then it doesn’t matter. I am curious if this will end up being like the 76ers where they were a dumpster fire for a long time but finally all their picks look like they could come together or if they will continue to be the Browns and deny the Bears of the #1 overall picks that they deserve for being an overshadowed but also flaming dumpster fire.


Exactly. And there, for Sashi Brown, was the rub.