THE NFL 2017 Season


Ayup. It’s a self-perpetuating cycle. Performing poorly one year is supposed to help improve your lot the next. But teams that suck are often suffering from a lack of talent, and that typically means poor drafting, I.e. they suck at evaluating talent.

Whereas teams like New England, it doesn’t matter where they pick. Part of that goes down to stability and having a GM that understands what the coach needs to win.


I’m enjoying the Chiefs being back in form this week. Hopefully they’ll stay in form for the rest of the season. They weren’t perfect today, but it definitely felt like the same team that started the season 5-0.


Never rely on the Browns doing anything positive to help your team’s playoff chances.


The Packers would disagree.


Refs fucked the Vikings as usual, but they sure didn’t go out and win it anyway. GG Panthers, who pressured Keenum and reminded Minnesota if not the rest of the country that he’s a backup QB playing behind a fantastic roster.


Sounds like Wentz is done. Going to be more like the day of a funeral in Philly tomorrow instead if celebrating a win.


Nick Foles may not be Wentz, but he can win them some games.


I liked Foles when he was with the Rams and thought he never got enough protection there. He played great at first, beating the Cardinals and the Seahawks. But after taking a brutal hit from Clay Matthews in the Green Bay game he was never the same that season.

It was an exciting game between the Rams and Eagles today, although both teams made mistakes. The Rams really hurt themselves with some really stupid ones along with some weird calls that even the announcers thought were bad.

Poor play call by the Rams, after losing their right tackle and calling a long pass even though Gurley had been playing well. Lots of ex Rams came up big against their former team: Chris Long, Rodney McCloud, Donnie Jones, and Nick Foles.


Vikings looked like a good team on a bad day, with one of the silliest fumble calls ever.


Saddest announcement ever for Philly fans. Here’s hoping his issues are dealt with and allowed to heal fully.


It’s official. It’s a torn ACL for Wentz. Out for the season.


I thought Carolina outplayed them nearly the entire way, and I hate seeing Cam Newton win anything, so not like I was biased that way. I was only half-watching, but every time I looked up, either Carolina was making a phenomenal play or the Vikings were shooting themselves in the foot.


I feel bad for Wentz and Eagles fans. The guy was having a great season, and the team looked Super Bowl ready. Damn.

On the bright side, at least Eagles fans can still hold out hope for a good playoff run. Not so Browns fans (haha!) and Bengals fans. The Bungles lost 33-7 to a terrible Chicago team here AT HOME yesterday. There really is absolutely no excuse for the miserable display they put on. Sure, Joe Mixon was sidelined with a concussion, as was Burfict, and a couple of other key defensive players were out or played hurt (and it showed), but this loss was all about coaching and heart. Neither were on display.

As many local fans opined on Twitter yesterday : “The most disappointing thing about the Bengals loss to the Bears was that Marvin Lewis still had a job afterwards.”


What the hell were the Bears thinking in winning that game?

So inept that they can’t even fail right.


Yeah, Panthers outplayed the Vikings yesterday. Definitely benefitted from some key questionable calls and the NFL’s unbearably stupid catch rules, but the Vikings had plenty of chances to win the game and couldn’t get it done. That’s football.

Also the last time a team in the NFL won back-to-back road games against over-.500 opponents was apparently the 1967 Raiders, so there’s that. Winning on the road against good teams is hard.


For a lot of NFL teams, the struggle is to balance winning on the field in the short term with longer term future franchise health. For the Bears the goal is to balance how they can be painfully bad on the field while also assuring that they can also keep the future bleak. That win was needed to make sure that they are outside of the Top 5 next year. Look forward to their 5th win to really make sure they can keep this routine rolling along next year.


Won’t help much, but they looked better than the Seahawks did.


Look no further than Christmas Eve, when they play Cleveland in Chicago. Barring a Christmas Eve Browns Miracle, that will mark win #5 for the Bears.


Cleveland’s last win was on Christmas Eve. Anything is possible!


Look if there is any team capable of losing to the Browns, it’s the Bears.