The NFL 2018 Season


I think it’s entirely fitting that the 2017 NFL thread ends with some videos of the Eagles’ Super Bowl victory parade. Congrats to them! But hey, that’s ancient history now. Time to move on to 2018.

One of the biggest questions (as a Redskins fan) is where Kirk Cousins will end up. A couple of days ago I read this ESPN article talking about seven teams who could make an offer to Cousins, what they’d offer, and which one he’d take. The article speculates Jacksonville could offer 5 years/$140 million and that their offer was the one Cousins would take:

However, that theory was blown out of the water since it’s just gotten out that the Jags resigned Bortles to a new contract:

Lots of other questions remain to be answered. Can the Pats get to the Super Bowl again? Will players kneel? Will Cleveland draft yet another QB at #1? Can Eli bounce back? Will viewership keep dropping? Will the Thursday night games continue to suck?


Karnak says "No. Yes. Yes (and he will suck). No (he will still suck). Yes. YES!


Ok, all questions have been answered, I guess we can close this thread and move on to the 2019 season!


Yeah, it’s not like I plan on watching any games this next season. Because the answer to the question ‘will the Bears be terrible’ is undoubtedly Yes.


Sounds like a reason to watch for Detroit fans! Which is good because the Lions aren’t likely to provide any such reasons. No matter how good they look on paper (and I have no idea how they look, good or bad), they find a way to disappoint.


I am really curious to see who the Vikings have at QB. They have three potential starters on roster and there’s always the possibility of landing Cousins.

Also, the Raiders will be interesting. Seemed like heading into 2017 they were one of the teams to beat but they regressed. And now they have Gruden as coach. If nothing else, Chuckie’s many facial expressions are always interesting:



Big news!


Pizza Hut already signed on to replace Pappa John.


Papa John is a D-bag. I haven’t bought their pizza since he flipped over raising minimum wage.



Speaking of, just how miserable will this season be for us? Maybe we can at least beat the Giants.


Well, the writing was on the wall, but the Seahawks have officially begun blowing it all up.


First step is finding a new quarterback since Russell Wilson will leave to play for the Yankees.

He and Tim Tebow will be rivals for another decade.


What, to see who the worst player in the league is?


I predict Nick Foles. They’ll trade a first and Bradford back to the Eagles.


Well, nobody is going to accuse the Browns’ John Dorsey of not making moves. I think Tyrod Taylor is a huge upgrade at QB.


Agreed. Seems like an overspend from the outside based on rumors they were going to cut him from the roster, but this at least secures someone whom I like as a bridge* more than any of the soon-to-be free agents out there. Random stat of the day: the last multi-interception game he had was game 2 of the 2015 season. The last one before that? 2009, when he was a junior at Virginia Tech.

    • to clarify, there will be better actual QB’s available, but those who are wouldn’t be bridge QB’s imho.


Richard Sherman signs a three-year deal with the 49ers and the Legion of Boom fades into the past.


I saw that move and was confused. He’s still relatively young, did he and the Seahawks have disagreements that prevented them from seeking a better contract with him? I don’t follow the Seahawks, have they fallen into “rebuilding mode?”


They are rebuilding the defense at least.

As to Sherman, he’s had a couple of serious injuries. There’s no guarantee he will regain form.


Wow, I had no idea. Well, for their sake, here’s hoping they get on track to a better defense.