The NFL 2018 Season


Does anybody want to do a Loser Bowl competition, this season? (each person picks one team who will lose that weekend, never able to pick the same team twice except a single reset when the playoffs start)


Sounds like fun. I’ll take the Le’Veon Bell-less Steelers this week.


Sure…want to start a thread for it? And do you want help organizing?


Probably a good idea; I figure this one counts as a forum game, so I’ll put it in there. And I’ll probably be okay running it, but I appreciate the offer :)


Its reported that’s what they wanted, but maybe they wanted more than that. They might have every intent of trying to get an extension done. If not, they still have options. They could always franchise him (not that he’d be happy about that, mind you). The point being, he doesn’t necessarily walk for nothing in a year, and even if he does, you probably end up with a compensatory 3rd eventually.


Everyone’s invited:


I forgot the Seahawks traded their 2nd in 2019 in the Duane Brown deal. All the more reason you’d think they’d be happy to get one back.



So the AI company I work for is once again doing NFL predictions, and I’d love to invite folks from here to participate. We’re doing two separate prediction group live events. Each one will last 25 minutes to 35 minutes. Probably on the shorter side of that estimate.

For each of the prediction groups, we’re offering prizes to the top 5 individual people for prediction accuracy: $25, $10, $8, $5, $2. That’s in the form of an Amazon Gift Card. Starting Week 2 of the season, we DOUBLE the prize if you win and also participated in at least one of the two prediction events the week before.

So. What’s the catch? What are we doing? Let me put on my full transparency cap!

  1. This is actually for our scientific R&D. These live group sessions are things we do to help provide human input and insight that can be incorporated into machine learning tasks. We also like to think that our human-powered AI can compete with fully computerized AI. This gives us a chance to compare and also hone our modalities.

  2. We like to get people who are knowledgeable to participate. Even if they’re slightly knowledgeable. If you post about the NFL on a games forum, you’re probably pretty knowledgeable. :) We’ve discovered that our algorithms and platforms work as a multiplier/amplifier of human collective wisdom. If there’s zero wisdom, it’s a multiplication by zero issue. I don’t think any of you are multiplication by zero people.

  3. What we won’t do: Sell any of your contact info, give it away, or otherwise do untoward, privacy-violating crap with any info. We do kind of need an email address to award you prizes when you win and to track your participation week over week if you join us for multiple sessions. But that’s it. And you can (and really should) just give us a non-primary, junkmail email address that you have access to and can occasionally check. We don’t want your work email, in other words.

  4. Finally, this does take a little time to do. We’ve streamlined some of our processes, so this should take around a half hour per session. And it’s usually fun and lively with people chatting about this team and that. Which is great. We know it takes a half hour though, but we want you to try your best, too. That’s why we offer the prizes, as an incentive to doing well.

If you’re interested our first swarm is at 3pm ET tomorrow (noon PT). It will cover the 8 games hosted in NFC stadiums. The second swarm is at 9pm ET tomorrow (6pm PT) and will be the 8 games hosted in AFC stadiums.

Anyway, hit this link if you want to participate, and we’ll get you an invitation sent.

EDIT: Just ran a test. Probably more like the 35 minutes per session.


When I hit “submit” a progress bar appears, runs to 50% and then sticks there, forever.

I presume that’s not supposed to happen.

Edit : It worked as soon as I disabled adblock.


I’ve done it before, so count me in.


They might possibly be waiting till AFTER they play Dallas to trade him.


Is this the general feedback area too?

The survey part where I make my predictions allows me to enter a username that is not valid for the swarm itself, even though it tells me the two should be the same.

I can put “Mr. Bismarck” as the username for the survey, but both the period and the space are invalid characters in the swarm.

Now I don’t know if the swarm will know me is me.


I haven’t been able to make any so far but will try for the 6pm PST session.


Go with MrBismarck.

It’s a human being (one of our interns, or me) who works to match up the names. If it’s pretty close, it’s fine.


Hmm, I have not filled out the survey yet, though I did get the subscription mail this morning. @triggercut is there anything I’m missing?


Email should just be an invite with the instructions to join the swarm and links to the surveys to put in your individual picks.


Me waiting for the swarm invite

Me when I see Trig writing as I type this

So what time does that go out @triggercut? I confirmed this morning, but alas no invite yet.

Sorry to bug you, but I do enjoy participating in these, and have to ‘coordinate’ my lunch appropriately you see ;)


So for the first 3pm swarm that’s coming up shortly:

This is the survey link. 8 games hosted in NFC stadiums:

Here’s the swarm link:

That swarm link will ask you to enter the username you put in for the survey. That’s so we know you’re eligible for prizes. Then it’ll redirect you to the swarm room.


Or it won’t… “The Swarm has reached capacity.”

As per usual, as soon as I mentioned something wasn’t working, it started to work. It’s not much of a superpower, but it’s what I got.


Me waiting for this game to begin.