The NFL 2018 Season


So the list of candidates the Bengals are considering for their new head coach is out…and it’s just as unimpressive as you’d imagine it would be.

  • Hue Jackson - yeah, no.
  • Vance Joseph - fired for being unable to do anything with a decent roster in Denver
  • Bill Lazor - Current Offensive Coordinator…not exactly a ringing endorsement
  • Darrin Simmons - Current Special Teams Coach…see above, only even less so
  • Zac Taylor - Rams QB Coach. That would be a leap.

There are two quality names being tossed out as candidates:

  • Josh McDaniels - Current Patriots OC. I would imagine sexier places than Cincinnati are calling McDaniels…like Denver perhaps?
  • Eric Bieniemy - Current Chiefs OC and a former Bengal himself. This one makes the most sense, as Bieniemy is probably ready to take the next step, he’s an offense-minded coach (something the Bengals need) and he has history with the franchise.

Of course, knowing the Bengals, they will wait too long and then make a lowball offer, losing a good candidate to another team, after which they will settle for an also-ran, and produce 3 or 4 sub .500 seasons until the next coaching search begins.


Denver has already tried this. Zero stars, would not try again.


Reports are that McDaniels will only consider the Packers.


That is a sad list.


Who all is in search of head coaches currently? I show the following now out, are there any I’m missing?
Todd Bowles, New York Jets
Adam Gase, Miami Dolphins
Vance Joseph, Denver Broncos
Dirk Koetter, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Marvin Lewis, Cincinnati Bengals
Steve Wilks, Arizona Cardinals
Hue Jackson, Cleveland Browns
Mike McCarthy, Green Bay Packers

EDIT: Thanks Jason.


Green Bay and Cleveland finished the season with interim head coaches and are also in the search.


So any college coaches rumored to be NFL possibilities?


As a guess based on the Bengals, they will go with a DC coach, not an OC coach. But that’s speculative for sure.


How about Lovie Smith at the U of I ;)

Edit: Lovie saying, in every press conference, ‘Ryan Tannehill is our quarterback’ would give me no end of laughs. Sorry @Navaronegun


Lincoln Riley of Oklahoma was the most rumored college coach, but he took himself out of the mix early by re-upping at OK.


As funny as the Lovie Smith suggestion is, it should be remembered that the guy made it to the Super Bowl with Rex Grossman as his quarterback.


As long as he says it in Denver I am good with it.

I’m more thrilled with Manny Diaz taking over at the U.


Just use this as the list of possible coaching hires for all these teams. Let’s play coaching carousel!

In this scenario, one unlucky team gets Hue Jackson.



The Browns obviously won’t get Hue again (thank you, thank you, thank you!), but they very well could get McCarthy.



I mean, why the hell is Mike McCarthy missing from that list? He’s willing to talk with the Browns, so why not bring him in to Cincinnati as well?

Jim Caldwell? Sure he hasn’t set the world on fire with either Detroit or Indy at 62-50 over the stretch, but his 2-4 playoff record beats Marvin’s 0-7. Maybe spend some money and hire Todd Bowles or Gregg Williams as the new DC if you bring in Caldwell (an offense guy) as HC?

For that matter, why not give Gregg Williams a good long look at HC? He did great with the Browns after they dumped Jackson and Haley, yet Cleveland seems uninterested in retaining him. He’s a defense guy (which the Bengals seem to like), and if the Bengals are dead set on retaining Hue Jackson, then make him the OC and he might actually pair well with Williams.


Williams is very much still in the mix in Cleveland. Dorsey has simply been very good at not tipping his hand.


Denver just interviewed Chuck Pagano, which could be considered an upgrade given the state of things.


Didn’t Bruce Arians say he might be interested in coaching again?


Arians said he’s only interested in the Cleveland job. I don’t know if Dorsey is interested in Arians.