The NFL 2018 Season


Feels like Cleveland is overthinking this. The team did well under Gregg Williams and the players love him.


I’m not sure that keeping his options open means Dorsey is overthinking it. Yes, the team did well under Williams, but there are other considerations, such as will they be able to keep Freddie Kitchens as OC? Kitchens played as big a part in the turn around as Williams and he’s a candidate for the Browns HC job himself (and for other teams?). In any case, they need someone in either the HC or OC job who will be able to continue Mayfield’s development and Williams is strictly a defense coach. Also, Williams does carry the taint of Bounty Gate. Should that really count against him after all this time? I don’t think so, but there are those that do.


Well, while you guys wonder who will lead your teams to 8-8 records again, myself and some others here have football to watch this weekend!


That’s why they call him Big Stick Nick!

Meanwhile @DaveLong watch this video to get pumped.


What a wild end to the first half in Chicago.


It doesn’t get much closer than that.


Ouch, sorry Chicago people. Wow.


Man, hate to see it end on a miss like that.


Welcome to the NFC North y’all!



Man, as Al Michaels said “It ends on a double doink”. Hits left crossbar then bottom but wrong side. The Eagles are have a few more lives left it seems.


Cody Parkey is the worst.

Draft a new damn kicker, because you can not go into next season with him.

Kickers suck


Hey, he’s only the second worst kicker in the league.

Well I guess maybe the worst, now.


I can’t remember ever seeing the ‘ice the kicker’ strategy work before. He made the one that didn’t count as the Eagles called timeout. Then misses the real one.

Totally jinxed by the graphics dept pulling up that ‘2nd most missed FGs in the league this season’ fact right before he went out there!


He missed 6 FGs or PATs by hitting the crossbar…


Yes. This is us.


From 2012:

Since 2001 (including the playoffs), kickers have successfully hit field goals at an 81 percent rate when no timeout was called prior to the snap, and 76 percent when a timeout was called.

However, it’s worth noting that the average distance on “iced” kicks is 39 yards, compared to 36 yards on kicks on which timeout was not called.

Also interesting: In overtime, the average distance of kicks after timeouts and kicks with no timeouts called is about the same (37 yards).

In that instance, “icing the kicker” by calling timeout works. Kickers hit only 69 percent when “iced”, 87 percent when they are not.

So…meh. Mostly it makes games more annoying to watch. Send it to the fartlocker with instant replay and all ESPN broadcasts of all sports.


At some point, isn’t it the Bears fault that they didn’t…ahem…expand the crossbar dimensions a tiny bit? Like in baseball, not mowing the infield as much so their bunters can get on base more. Got to tailor that home field to fit the kicker!


There is a scattering of talk here in Philly media that a D lineman got a finger on the ball, enough to skew its trajectory.

This was quick:


Cody is absolved.