The NFL 2018 Season



Joseph will be making his, uh, triumphant return as HC.



Pats fans are OK with Brady as Thanos.


He snapped his fingers and half the teams contracted. Now it is balanced.

Sorry Detroit, Oakland, the rest of the AFC east, Cleveland, Jacksonville

Your players will now be spread to he rest of the league. Except Blake Bortles. He’s the reason we had to do it. When Bortles is the undisputed starter of a team, you know there are too many.



That guy is way more accurate than Bortles.


As a Chiefs fan, this game has been mostly great. Letting Indianapolis score on a blocked punt wasn’t great though.

Plus Indy can come back pretty strong in the 2nd half. It’s only 24-7 at the half. Five years ago, when we met Indianapolis and Andrew Luck in the playoffs, the Chiefs were ahead 38-10 at the half. But Indy won the game 45-44.


Looks like this one should go better than this loss to the Colts in the '96 playoffs!



I have never seen more balls batted down by the defense than KC in this game. I wasn’t really paying attention if it was all the same player, but it seemed like Luck couldn’t pass much at all.


Indy’s offense was terrible and the Chiefs’ offense sort of went to sleep after they went up 17-0. It was a strangely lackluster game that could have been a one-TD game if Vinatieri had made his kicks. The Colts had a few chances to climb back into the game but they managed to bungle them.

I thought it a bit crazy how in the 4th quarter the Chiefs kept running these wide sweeps with tiny ball carriers that were easy to trip up. They really needed to pound a few more right into the line.


And the hated cowboys fail again.


what a shame


Luck said he was looking forward to playing in those conditions, but he seemed to trying to aim the ball much of the time, instead of just throwing it.


Is there an AFC game today?

Someone tell the Chargers.


Yeah, I wasn’t going to watch this unless it was close, and then I’d watch the second half. I checked the score and it was 35-7 in the 2nd quarter. Um, no.

So far this playoff weekend’s been a dud.


Anytime the Cowboys lose a playoff game is never a dud.


Even if the eagles lose today, this weekend will have been ok, because the cowboys lost.



I love when commentators call Tom Brady bad.