The NFL 2018 Season


Nantz and Romo are now making fun of how terrible this game is on the broadcast.


Not to totally excuse the offenses but the defenses deserve allot of the credit. Not exciting from the casual fan perspective.


Both teams are playing like they don’t want to go to the White House.


Luke Wilson will work for food.


It isn’t exciting from any fan’s perspective.

Again, the announcers are making fun of this game.



At kick off the over/under was 56.


9PM eastern and the Eagles remain the last team to score a TD in the Super Bowl.


That pass to Cooks in the end zone was kind of this game in a microcosm. Cooks beat broken coverage and was open by 10-15 yards…but Goff hung up a lame-duck, Billy Kilmer-looking pass and McCourty had time to get back and break it up.


I mean the best play of the game was a punt.a record breaking punt, sure, but still a punt.


Also why haven’t they gone back to Gurley? He got a couple of big runs, then he hasn’t touched the ball since.


I mean…


Just think of how long overtime could last!


Gonna guess we’re reading about Gurley having some surgery or other in about a week.


Is it really still 3-3 in the 4th?

The defensive showdown we were all expecting


How many people younger than us know who Andy Warhol is?


I can finally breathe a little.


Somebody better check air pressure in that football… just sayin’


Just sayin’. Warhol commercial, and then 5 minutes later, Pats TD.


I now hate Andy Warhol