The NFL 2018 Season


While I was watching Warhol eat a burger, the Patriots scored the first touchdown. Seems appropriate somehow.


RIP Rams?


Damn it Goff


Thank goodness. The Patriots are are the Sith, but Stan Kroenke and the Rams are evil incarnate.


Pretty much on Goff. Throws late on what should have been an easy TD, then throws a terrible INT.


God, this is terrible.


Yeah unless there’s a turnover (fumble?) this is over. Pats have control into 2 min mark it looks like


This game is ovah.



So congratulations I guess for being the first Super Bowl I didn’t even finish watching.


Somewhere up there, Dandy Don is singing “Turn out the liiiiiiiiiiiights, the paaarty’s oover.”

Also, that late FG just paid the “Score by either team in the last 3 1/2 minutes of the game” prop, which worked out nicely for me.


Whats up with the feed being the reporter scrum?


NFL teams scrambling to fire their hotshot young coaches, hire Wade Phillips.

(I don’t even know if this joke is still topical after the first half.)


Tracy Wolfson knows its her interview after the game with Brady. Not giving that network sponsor privilege up.


The last two minutes were more entertaining than the rest of the game.



I was torn the last few minutes between pulling for the Patriots to lose and the $200 I’d get with a 3-3 final score. Shocked the worst case scenario didn’t hit me if he had made that last second FG.


Well, it was weird to root for the Pats, but that four hour slice of my life is done now.

Boring game, good result. Maybe they needed a dedicated Giselle Cam.


Haha, what a chump.


Fuck I need another hook on my Patriots Super Bowl Hat rack. And another shirt… I can’t afford all this winning.