The NFL 2018 Season


The only thing left is to see if reporters ask Tom Brady whether he will retire so many times that he flips a table.


Yes, please let that be the small consolation for us all. B & B ride off into the sunset together. Maybe they open a bed and breakfast in Maine.


They should have given the MVP to the Pats punter. He had a good set of punts inside the 10 that just buried the Rams (not that the Rams hardly needed any help there),


Funny that you posted that WWI pic because the GF and I saw They Shall Not Grow Old tonight instead of watching the Superbore, though I did catch the last 10 minutes and saw 10 points scored, so I saw most of the offense.


You showed up for the Ardennes counteroffensive, 1918.


Boy, you are old. :)

The Rams offense has sucked the last 6 weeks or so. I was surprised they stayed in the game with the Saints but the Saints offense had come back to earth as well.

Kind of the result I expected although I thought there would be more scoring. Basically a pretty boring game.


Ha ha. Yeah.

I gotta give New England props for being able to run for first downs at the end. The LA defense should have been stuffing the run but they couldn’t.


Billy was pretty much retired by the time I was a kid, but for some reason in our neighborhood there was no rip-tastic way to describe a fluttering, wounded-duck pass than a “Billy Kilmer pass.” :D


I guess while not the real final score you would win a pool based on quarters.


I forget which week I was watching, when they struggled to score (it was week 15 or 16 of the regular season, pretty sure) and the announcers pointed out that so much of the Rams offense is predicated off play-action fakes to Todd Gurley. If Gurley’s not a threat, the play-action kind of doesn’t work very well.


I think I remember him playing. But then I remember Sonny Jurgenson as well. Didn’t they both play for the Redskins and then later against each other?


Interesting stat from tonight’s game: Tom Brady broke the all time Super Bowl wins record with 6, breaking the previous record of 5 held by Tom Brady.


Anderson finished the season with 3 straight 100+ yard games. They ran the ball well. But what makes the Pats offense work, that quick out to someone or short pass that goes for 20 yards is not a part of the LA offense. It was totally predicated on a 5 yard run setting up a 20-25 yard pass play. If you take one away the other doesn’t work.


Wasn’t Brady tied with someone?


I remember them both and I think there was a time they were both on the roster and the coach, George Allen, might use them both in a game. Jurgenson was clearly the better passer but I guess Kilmer had that intangible “something” that coaches can like. Kilmer never threw a spiral. They were all wobbly.


Kilmer was probably around were my football memory starts. I remembered him being with the Redskins and 49ers. But I didn’t remember him being a UCLA grad, and UCLA was my college team when I was young (I hated USC). I saw Jim Plunkett play at Stanford, against Sonny Sixkiller, 2 great college QBs.

But my memory doesn’t go far enough back to remember Kilmer in college.


I figured most people would find the game boring, but I thought it was great. What the Patriots were able to do to the Rams’ offense was incredible, especially in the first half. Some low scoring games I find boring when it feels like offenses just can’t get out of their own way (tons of bad penalties, dropped balls, etc.) but I felt like it was mostly the defense outplaying offense here.

I was kind of cheering for both teams to lose, but cheering more for the fucking Rams to go down. All in all, I thought it was a fun game to watch.


This is the SB Nation blog that covers the Rams.

It seems pretty obvious at this point that Gurley was not 100%, and has not been for a while.

Still, the sheer ineptness of the Rams offense to do anything tonight is shocking.

This will bring up a ton of huge issues for the Rams. Goff is on the 4th year of his contract next season, and while teams can exercise a 5th-year option on first-round draft picks, realistically he’s going to want to get extended. And he’s going to want Top QB money.

Meanwhile, they signed Donald to a massive contract this season. Donald is basically making Top QB money, except he’s a defensive lineman.

If the Rams keep Goff, they basically have one more year in their window before they start having to make extremely hard choices on who to keep. They went all-in this year bringing in pricey free agents, too.

But Goff didn’t exactly smother himself in glory tonight.

Plus, there are such things as Super Bowl hangovers. Their locker room is filled with some pretty big head cases on defense, and right now the defensive guys are probably thinking they did everything asked of them, but the offense laid an egg.



Goff looked like any other young QB who gets to the Super Bowl not named Tom Brady. Stage is too big for him and he has to learn how to fail before he can maybe succeed there.

That’s exactly the reason the Eagles should trade Wentz and keep Foles IMO, because they’re going to have the same problem if they are lucky enough to sniff a Super Bowl again.