The NFL 2018 Season


Savagery from Savard. (The St. Louis Rams’ play by play guy…)


The Rams were “inept” because Belichick 2 two weeks to create a defense scheme to screw with the Goff and make McVay look like the young coach he is.

Man I really hate it even more that the Refs so screwed up that pass INT on the Saints. To see Brees against Brady would have been so much better than Mr. “Deer in the headlights” Goff.


Had that idiot lineman for KC not lined up offsides on that interception against the Pats I think a KC/LA game would have been much better. KC figured out the Pat’s D and had the game won (except for the offsides call above) and their offense would have been even better against the Rams. And I think the KC defense would have given up a more to the Rams O. Still, Goff was horrible (so many missed open receivers) and would have only looked a bit less so against KC. But at least the game would have had some amazing Mahomes plays and even a few more, you know, touchdowns.

KC/NO would have been amazing too.


They can keep him on his rookie contract for another year, though, right? Then I guess they could franchise him for an expensive 6th season. From what I’m reading he didn’t look good and has had quite a few mediocre games this season.

I really don’t see the Rams giving him top dollar at this point. He hasn’t really proven himself. To look at it another way would a team give up a high #1 pick for Goff at this point? I don’t think so.

I also think losing Cooper Kupp earlier in the season really hurt the Rams offense.


The refs boned at least two major calls in the super bowl this year.

One was the penalty on the Ram’s defense, which even after multiple replays, no one could figure out what the penalty was even for.

And one was a hugely obvious pass interference on the Patriots, where they were holding down the receiver’s arm, and he almost certainly would have made the catch if not for that… which would have put the Rams into the redzone and likely would have scored. Instead, Goff threw an interception on the next play.


If they exercise his 5th-year option his pay goes from $9 million to $20 million. Which is still less than what Donald is pulling in, but it tightens their cap even further.

There are some people who are arguing that it’s better to boot Goff and just find another young, inexpensive QB in the draft.


Hey now, what’s wrong with a horrifically expensive mediocre QB who can’t perform in important games?


It seems the path to the Super Bowl is clear.

You either take advantage of the CBA and find a good college QB who you can have for cheap for 4-5 years, which allows you to spend lucratively everywhere else.

Or you have Tom Brady.


I mean, having a huge surplus in value from any underpaid-relative-to-contribution player is an advantage, sure. But $20M savings from having Goff instead of Cousins is one premium or two solid free agents. That’s an advantage, but hardly an insurmountable one.


2017 - Man Goff really needs a lot of work
2018 - Wow, I guess Goff really can play in the NFL
Late 2018 - Oh, Ok, nevermind
2019 - God Damn it Goff

The hot takes about how the Rams hired a 30 year old to head coach their team, and this is what happens to them are just insane. They went from NFC laughing stock to best in class, they lost the Superbowl because their QB choked, and their best offensive player was playing injured.

Jared Goff played himself out of a lot of money, and the Patriots dynasty rolls on. At least we had that Eagles game, god it was glorious.




This seemed pretty obvious in the game against the Saints, where I think he had exactly ONE touch, despite the close score. I guess people assumed he was resting up and would be fine for the Super Bowl. He wasn’t even on the injury report, was he? Isn’t that supposed to be highly regulated in today’s NFL?


Yes, the McVay stuff is laughable. Who knows whether he’ll turn out to be a dynasty type of coach, or if he’ll have a few flash in the pan years (there are a lot of hot “genius” coaches in the NFL that don’t last - I’m looking at you, Eric Mangini).

But I love the complete over-reaction at someone losing in the Super Bowl. Yeah, he lost a Super Bowl. What a laughing stock. Clearly the Rams should have picked up Hue Jackson or something.


Well, for all the season-long narrative of “McVay is revolutionizing the game with his offensive genius”, the fact that the Rams mustered up a total of 3 points in the Super Bowl is pretty incredible.

Especially since Super Bowl halftime is three times longer than regular season halftime, which allows for all sorts of adjustments.

Also, “The Rams need to ditch their coach and find the next Sean McVay” memes are fun.


Yeah, there are a lot of teams who would love to have McVay. I think part of the over-reaction is due to the nature of the loss, though. It was McVay’s offense that got shut down and offense is what he’s known for.


Even better for him, he lost a SB to Tom Brady and Bill Bellichik. That’s like a winning a medal.


Exactly. It’s like losing a gunfight to the Man with No Name. Sure, it hurts, but come on. You done lost to the best.

(Okay, I’m stretching the analogy a bit, but I’m going to leave it all the same.) :)


This is nonsense, Goff was bad but we’ve seen waaaaaay worse. 19 for 38, 229 yards, 1 INT, 57.9 rating.

Look at Roethlisberger in the first Super Bowl he won. 9 for 21, 123 yards, 2 INT, 22.6 rating. But the Steelers won that game so all is forgiven and he’s a great QB.


Goff was horrible. Took sacks he didn’t need to and missed receivers all over the place both short and long. He looked like a rookie in one of his first half dozen starts. I mean the Pats can do that to a guy, but damn.

And you can’t argue Big Ben with me because I’ve always found him over-rated. Good, but still over-rated.