The NFL 2018 Season


Overrated on his way to the HOF most likely.

Speculative, perhaps, but that’s the way the winds seem to blow based on how he’s covered. A few championships does that for a guy.


Championships are disproportionately important in evaluating a QB, which is why Brees never gets any greatest-of-all-time buzz despite being on par with or better than Brady statistically, without the benefit of a genius coach or as consistent a supporting cast. (Not to say that the Patriots aren’t often the Tom Brady and Friends Show, but I feel like Brady usually has a receiver or two to throw to who would be good absent Brady, whereas that’s rarer in New Orleans.)

Roethlisberger is still a top-ten all-time guy in a lot of statistical categories, but I’ll leave it to the gallery to decide whether that’s sufficient for a Hall of Fame berth.


That one late sack he took was just inexcusable. Just got buried too, could have been hurt. He just seemed like he didn’t know how to QB in the NFL all of a sudden. That play where he ran out of bounds and was blasted at the last second was another example. Could have easily been hurt there too because he was stupid and didn’t react to the situation.


This is a good write-up on the Rams


He has surprised me with his mobility (sliding away from tacklers, not running around) and he’s of course going to the HOF (QB, Steeler, multiple SB wins). His season stats are in the ‘very good range’, but super consistent over a long period so career stats are impressive. And there’s something to say for that. And again, glory position on a glory team puts you at the front of the HOF list.


Goff justifiably is getting a lot of blame, but I was shocked by how awful the Rams’ O-line played. The Pats’ defensive front is good, but they shouldn’t have made the Rams look so completely over matched.


Especially since the Rams were rated by many as having the best o-line in the NFL.

Still, Goff didn’t handle the pressure well and McVay didn’t seem to have a game plan to deal with pressure on the QB.

And Goff’s interception was terrible. He just threw a rainbow that hung in the air. It was 2nd and 10 with four and half minutes to play. Just throw it away and come back on 3rd and 4th down to try to get the 1st down.

And then when the Pats had the ball and everyone in the stadium knew they were going to run it, the Rams defense forgot how to stop the run.


That really was the final-straw, killer play, wasn’t it? Either a lack of game situational awareness, or a complete panic. It would’ve sucked to have either eaten the ball on that blitz and taken the sack, or perhaps he could’ve tried to roll out or duck under…but anything is better than what he did.


I wouldn’t extend Goff a ham sandwich, much less a contract. He’s had exactly one half of a season of franchise QB stats over three years, and he’s become markedly worse over the last 8 games culminating in the egg he laid last night.

Granted, the Rams O-Line can share in the blame for that. Whitworth and crew were supposed to be one of the best offensive lines in football this season, and yet a mediocre New England D-line made them look stupid. Stuffing runs, sealing the edges and pushing Goff out of the pocket, making him make stupid decisions. Defense never gets enough credit in Super Bowls, but New England’s (both the line and the secondary) quietly played their best game of the past two seasons last night.

Fun stats…the game featured 16 points scored and 14 punts. A fan who paid the average price of a Super Bowl LIII ticket ($4,380) would have paid $273.75 for each point scored. Not a great return on investment.


By that logic, World Cup tickets are larceny. 😂


TV ratings hit a 10-year low for this game. I guess stellar punting doesn’t move the dial.


The Rams 9-line certainly looked overmatched all game. Almost every single play they were getting penetration.


Everyone outside of New England hates the Patriots.

LA Rams fans are an oxymoron.


That’s some consolation for Saints fans, as Saints vs. Patriots would surely have been one of the more highly rated games in Super Bowl history.


Yeah, I really expected this to be a Super Bowl people didn’t watch. L.A. simply doesn’t care enough to move the needle and for much of the country, they hate LA teams on principle. The Patriots are the Patriots… most are tired of seeing them win. It was pretty clear last week when NBA news was bigger that no one was going to be watching this game last night except the die hard fans and party seekers.

Tom Brady is the greatest QB in the history of the game. I was happy to watch him win another one, because we won’t see anything like him again in our lifetime IMO.


KMOX, the giant blowtorch AM station in St. Louis, played the Cardinals Game 6 against the Rangers in its entirety instead of the Super Bowl. :D


Even the record punt was a fluke. 27 yards of its distance was the roll.



Here is a pretty good breakdown on why you don’t want to go to Jared in 2019

It is fundamentally not being able to play QB at an NFL level. The team had a lot of success earlier in the year, but this guy just can’t read a defense to save his life. So many missed opportunities and lucky non-interceptions.



I mentioned after the championship games that LA-NE was probably the only bad/annoying matchup of the 4 options, and that’s what we got. Oh well.