The NFL 2018 Season


Yeah, that’s what you have to wonder about. Can your QB read the defense and is he able to make the right decisions? Goff seems to have had a poor game of it.

I wonder what will be going through McVay’s head as he watches tape of the game?


Is it safe to mention how Kaepernick couldn’t have possibly been worse than Goff yesterday? :D


He lost a Super Bowl too, so it’s safe to say that.


In the midst of all the Goff/McVay adoration - one must pause to marvel at the genius exhibited by the Bengals ownership.


This. The Rams OL was beaten by the Pats DL. Over and over.

No. Let’s face it, Kaepernick was not a good QB.


I know most of you hate the Patriots but surely you can appreciate this


Goodell looks like he just stepped in dog shit, I can appreciate that.

Too bad about the other guy.


He did put up a 90+ QB rating in his one Super Bowl though. 300+ yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, 60+ yards rushing + a TD. Not really his fault they lost.


The word is that this is final. The irony:

The Raiders are going to play in San Francisco (proper).

The “San Francisco” 49ers play in Santa Clara.

The Raiders are going to play in the San Francisco Giants’ ballpark.

And the Raiders are arguably going to play in the better football stadium, because no one likes Levi’s Stadium. Not even Niners fans.


What’s wrong with the stadium?


It’s a mess. I’ve heard rumbles it’ll probably be the shortest-lived of all the NFL’s glorious new stadiums.

NO ONE likes the location. It’s 40+ miles away from San Francisco, and the access roads are horrible chokepoints.

The stadium is poorly designed. Fans are baked by the sun in the upper decks; there was even a death by heat exhaustion. The Niners looked into it and realized it’s impossible to add shade, so they permanently dropped the price of bottled water.

The grass/turf has had serious issues since Day One, and they still haven’t sorted it out years later


The NFL and the 49ers need to approve the Raiders playing in SF and neither is likely to be to happy with the idea. I had already heard the NFL didn’t like it.


Oh hell yes. The Bengals have to be sweating bullets this week after watching both their new head coach and the “prodigy” he is supposedly a carbon copy of fail to adjust in any measurable way to the game plan the Patriots executed on defense. Both coaches are supposed to be brilliant offensive minds, and yet they couldn’t get Goff and crew to achieve so much as a quality first down for much of the game. Not a good look coming into a new organization.

That said, as much of a gamble as Zac Taylor is, he’s still better than another year of Marvin Lewis at the helm, and remember that we came -this- close to having Hue Jackson back as head coach, so I’ll take the odds on Taylor. Andy Dalton is also a far better quarterback than Jared Goff will ever be, which changes the equation just a bit. Also, with never having tasted success in the playoffs under Lewis, even a single playoff victory in Taylor’s first couple of years would cement him and his staff as an improvement over Lewis and his…and given the Bengals roster, that’s not an inconceivable short-term goal.


54 minutes, 46,000 punts.

“Sorry Dolphins, you won. I know its not what you wanted.”


I’m used to 13-minute Chart Party episodes. Jumping up to a one-hour episode so unexpectedly is poor cricket.


Now I want a cricket chart party.


Oh hey, everyone act surprised:


It’s an NFL violation not to report those kinds of injuries on the weekly injury report.

The Seahawks got in trouble with that a couple years ago.


George Takei voice: Oh, my!


I’m ready for the jokes. Hit me with ‘em.